Israeli startup Affogata announces the closing of a $5.5 million Seed round, led by Mangrove Capital Partners and Pico Venture Partners. The round also saw participation from Wix Capital and Micha Kaufman, CEO and co-founder of Fiverr. The company develops a customer intelligence system that can alert in real-time to changes in the public image of an enterprise or product.

When your content is consumed by the right eyes

Major enterprises use different monitoring tools to effectively manage social media accounts, service/product reviews, and others. “Existing solutions end up creating organizational silos - limited value data vaults,” claims Sharel Omer, CEO at Affogata, in a conversation with Geektime. “In contrast, on our platform, data and insight are targeted to relevant figures in the organization, and the criteria for actionable insight is based on how it helps the business. The idea here is to carry the voices of the customers and market to an company's decision makers, to help streamline and improve business in real-time.”

For example, relevant insight - aggregated from forums, internal resources and social media platforms - is targeted at different position holders, such as product managers, marketing managers, service, developers, executives, cyber experts, and any other key role in an enterprise. “The actionable insight allows strategic innovation that crosses departments and teams, enabling companies to respond quickly, focused, and prepared to a changing market.” The aggregated data is cleaned of spam, bots, and other virtual nuisances to ensure more accurate insight and a better product.

When Wix turns from customer to investor

Omer tells about a customer in the mobile gaming sphere that changed the monetization on one of its games, which led to negative chatter among players, who claimed that the game had become too much like a “Pay to Play”. The negative feedback was immediately flagged, and the game was changed to fit user demand and retain existing players.

Among the company’s impressive list of customers we find a few Israeli market leaders, including eToro, Playtika, MyHeritage, Lemonade, and Wix, which invested in both the company’s Pre-Seed and Seed rounds. Affogata was founded in 2019 by CEO Sharel Omer, CTO Ran Margaliot, and CPO Itamar Rogel.