Israeli MedTech startup IMedis, which develops an AI-powered radiology diagnostics assistant, announced that it has received the CE approval and can now market and sell its solution across the EU and UK.

A second pair of eyes

IMedis CEO Aviel Blumenfeld commented on the company’s recent milestone, saying that “obtaining CE approval is an essential milestone for IMedis, an idea that was born as a result of understanding the need to harness technology in order to assist in reducing diagnostic errors."

The Israeli company develops an AI-driven system, called DualiQ, that automates QA of CT scans, essentially providing a “second pair of eyes”, ensuring that radiologists don’t miss anything of importance. This, the company claims, can be turned into a true life-saving medical tool that accompanies the caring physicians, allowing them to reduce diagnostic mistakes and improve patient care. Furthermore, the deep learning algorithms can improve early detection, pre-symptoms condition, and indicate the development of various diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and more.

“The diagnosis of findings in existing scans, can lead to early detection of diseases and save the lives of many patients. We believe that the great news in the use of advanced technologies in medicine is in strengthening the capabilities of physicians,” explains Blumenfeld.

The IMedis platform seamlessly integrates into existing software, and the company provides both cloud and on-prem support. Leveraging its AI diagnostic powers, the company recently completed a large clinical trial in the US, in which it was found that the system improved the diagnostic accuracy of radiologists in CT examinations by 13%. Moreover, IMedis reports that widespread deployment of the platform could potentially improve the lives of 10,000 people daily in the U.S. alone, and following the CE clearance news will now set sights on obtaining approval from the FDA, which the company notes is expected to come this year.

IMedis was founded in 2018 by CEO Aviel Blumenfeld, CTO Yitzi Pfeffer, and Tomer Glottman. Backed by Sanara Ventures, a Teva and Philips investment platform, and the Israel Innovation Authority, the company has raised $2.3 million to date, including a $1.3 million crowdfunding campaign that was announced exactly one year ago through ExitValley.