It seems that for most of us 2020 has been a pretty terrible year, but there are those out there that 2020 has proven quite the opposite. Moon Active, an Israeli mobile game developer, recaps a very successful year to say the least. The mobile game company has reported over $1 billion in revenue from its super popular flagship game, Coin Master, and also announced the acquisition of another gaming company to close off a record year. The acquisition of Cyprus based Melsoft is rumored to hit 9 digits, cementing Moon Active’s goal - dominate the global mobile gaming arena.

Launching new games & acquiring new companies

Moon Active is the mobile developer behind the hit game Coin Master, a casual game where you use strategic moves to protect your village from attacks, and of course try to sack other villages to steal their loot. The game, which is free for download but contains multiple in-game purchases, has become the 4th most profitable game this year according to Sensor Tower. The company has also conquered 1st place in many markets around the world, bringing over a billion dollars in revenue, which shows its continuous growth after last year reporting just over half a billion dollars in revenue.

“Our goal is to become the most successful mobile game in the world. We are planning to grow and expand our portfolio by developing new games and making acquisitions,” said CEO and Founder Samuel Albin.

Moon Active's Tel Aviv Team credit: Sharona Avraham

Moon Active’s new move marks a year that started with a major stock sell off, totaling $125 million, after receiving only $10 million in funding to date. Moon Active was founded in 2011, and currently employs a team of over 650 people, with most of them based in the Tel Aviv headquarters, in addition to offices in London and Kyiv. Over half of the company’s roster was recruited this year, and the company reports that it plans to continue its recruitment in 2021.