For the most part, the sales team of a company are probably the kindest, nicest, and most patient people you will meet. But even they aren't perfect, and sometimes might now be able to answer all potential customers' answers. No one likes hearing “ummmm... I'll check it out for you" or "honestly that is not what I deal with" on the receiving end of a sales phone call. So, a new Israeli startup wants to give sales representatives superpowers and make sure they know how to answer your every question.

The whisperer to the salespeople

The Israeli startup Winn.AI is developing a platform designed for salespeople, which monitors sales conversations in real-time and understands what is said in them. The system can transcribe and enter the information said in the conversation directly into the CRM systems within minutes of the end of the conversation. Sound familiar? Yes, it also sounds like the Israeli Gong system to us, but in a conversation with Geektime, Eldad Postan-Koren, CEO of Winn.AI, explains what is different: "As part of the installation process, we help the head of the sales team or the VP of Sales to define what the play-book is for each type of conversation the sales team may hold. This process is easy and simple and is based on our templates for different sales methodologies. After that, all salespeople receive a relevant playbook alongside their sales conversation."

According to him, during the call, the system listens to what is being said, briefs the salesperson in real-time and verifies with him that he has covered the same playbook, and if a question arises from the customer, the system can flood answers to that question from the company's databases and experience in previous conversations. "Unlike other tools, Winn.AI accompanies and assists the salesperson in real-time, during the conversation," explains Postan-Koren. "The system is a personal assistant for the salespeople and relieves the burdensome administrative work of taking notes, having a list of answers, and entering information into the CRM. It does so all at a level of detail that does not exist in other tools on the market, so much so that in real-time, it can exactly match a specific topic of conversation to the relevant field in the CRM. Also, the system knows how to follow the topics of the conversation in real-time, check the full coverage of the conversation's agenda, and give instructions that will help improve performance. This is a new category in the Salestech world and Winn.AI aims to lead this category.”

A 5-minute conversation with Granulate's CEO led to an investment

Postan-Koren said that as part of Winn's development process, the company spoke with more than 200 salespeople and VPs of Sales, who gave them insights about the difficulties they face in the field. One such person was Assaf Ezra, CEO of Granulate, which was sold to Intel for $650 million at the beginning of the year. According to Postan-Koren, a 5-minute meeting with Ezra led to a connection to Insight Partners, the fund active in Israel, which decided within weeks to sign a term sheet with Winn. Along with the disclosure of the company, Winn.AI also announces the completion of a seed fundraising round worth $17 million led by Insight and S Capital. Yevgeny Dibrov, CEO of Armis (which itself was sold to Insight), Ziv Peled from AppsFlyer and Amit Halperin from IronSource also participated in the round.

Winn was founded in 2021 by Postan-Koren (CEO) and Bar Haleva (CTO). The company currently employs 25 people in its offices in Tel Aviv and plans to launch its product in early 2023. Posten-Koren explained that the idea for the platform built by the company stems from his bitter experience: "As a salesman who has been in all positions, I personally knew the challenges of leading a sales team and working in the field. Like everyone, I wrote a neat sales plan, but then I would find myself having to chase my team to get them to use it and stick to it. Our desire is to develop a tool that will reduce the unnecessary fuss around sales and allow those who deal in the challenging field to win and sell more.”