The Israeli startup vHive, which allows companies to manage industrial multirotor drone fleets autonomously to gather information, announced today (Wednesday) the completion of a $25 million B-round led by PSG and with the participation of Octopus Ventures and TIP, which is the investment arm of communications giant Deutsche Telekom.

Even cheap multirotor drones can be smart

The system developed by vHive allows organizations and multirotor drone operators to manage tasks of any size, considers the type of task, type and number of aircrafts, types of sensors that collect information and a variety of other vital parameters such as regulation, safety, environmental conditions, and real-time mission dynamics. In doing so, it enables organizations to manage their multirotor drone fleets for collecting, managing, processing, and analyzing information directly from the field, which can be translated into business insights.

The vHive twist comes in the form of the "digital twin". In the beginning, the multirotor drone launches from the vHive app and starts scanning the property. The startup's Computer Vision system detects the geometry and locations of the assets, while the system sends the multirotor drone to important locations for gathering information until all the information has been collected. Then, the information, which includes images from different angles and gradients, is processed in the cloud and a three-dimensional, photorealistic photogrammetric model of the property site is created.

“Through the use of AI, the system identifies vital details for each customer and enriches the digital coordination with information - such as automatic measurement, identification of equipment types, and very high-resolution images connected to the location in the digital coordination. The entire user experience in digital coordination is carried out in a browser and enables the sharing and production of reports,” said Yariv Geller, CEO, and co-founder of vHive.

Geller said that in 2021 tens of thousands of customers' properties were scanned around the world, and the company entered new markets such as those of cranes and construction. Unlike companies like Percepto which sell companies a complete solution for docking stations, multirotor drones and an information management and analysis system, vHive is focused on software. “The company uses cheap off-the-shelf multirotor drones, which can be purchased at any store, allowing our customers around the world to stock up and grow quickly and quickly. The solution is suitable for multiple properties spread over extensive or global areas, where a permanent multirotor drone is less likely to be installed. Also, the very fact that there is a person in the area anyway removes regulatory barriers in different countries, which allows for simple and fast use of the system," Geller explains.

vHive was founded in 2016 by Yariv Geller, the company's CEO, and former VP of marketing at Comverse, and Tomer Daniel, CTO who has 17 years of experience in software development and architecture at Intel. The company employs about 30 people.

Oh, and here they are in 2020 using multirotor drones in a Space Invaders game because why not!