Vee, the innovative corporate volunteering platform, announced today that it has raised $12 million in a seed round. The round was led by State of Mind Ventures, with participation from other Israeli VCs Oryzn Capital, Vertex, and Viola Ventures, as well as known angel investors including Eynat Guez of Papaya Global, Amir Shevat of Innovation Endeavors, Gil Hirsch of StreamElements, and Guy Shamir of Mivtach Shamir.

The world we wish to see

Our world is not perfect. There is plenty of work that needs to be done to make strides, no matter how big or small, toward fixing the ills of our global community. Big corporations and enterprises, who value and emphasize the importance of social change, can make a real impact because of their size, resources, and above all, manpower. However, organizing and managing company-wide volunteering is a hassle, so much so that more often than not, it becomes less of a priority, or too difficult to actualize, so a company's volunteering goals are not met.

The idea behind Vee is to bridge the gap between people and teams who want to give back and non-profits seeking qualified volunteers. Since the traditional management tools to manage many volunteers across different non-profits are heavy, unscalable, and difficult to use, Vee’s platform is the perfect solution. Vee’s platform gives all volunteering teams an innovative solution that automates up to 80% of the manual work associated with volunteering administration so that users of Vee can spend less time coordinating and more time contributing to impactful activism and advancing social and environmental change. Vee enables HR teams to easily find, coordinate, and share charity events, from a wide range of volunteering opportunities, like food aid, animal welfare, youth mentoring and environmental initiatives, by putting potential volunteers in touch with non-profit organizations in their area. Now, anyone can set up or join a social project within minutes, so that they can make the impact they desire, with ease. Additionally, the platform allows users and teams to bond over their achievements, and to share their experiences with each other. This promotes a sense of satisfaction and loyalty around volunteering and encourages more people to get involved.

What’s next

The capital raised from this financing round will go toward powering the product, R&D, and marketing teams, as well as building the foundations of the team in the U.S. With this growth, it is only a matter of time before Vee becomes the benchmark of social good for every person, company, university, and city, everywhere. Vee currently has over 500 companies and organizations on its platform, among them eBay,, Salesforce and Columbia University. The platform is active in ten different countries and logs in hundreds of new activities per week. This new investment round will surely lead to Vee’s continuous growth, which will help bring our world one step closer to being the place we wish to see.

Vee's founders: Gil Amsalem, May Piamenta, and Avi Amor. Credit: Vee

"We built Vee to give people and teams around the world a better way to make a social impact. I am excited to see Vee become far more than a product but a global movement of people who want to pay it forward.” – May Piamenta, Co-Founder and CEO of Vee.

Vee was founded in 2020 by May Piamenta (CEO), Gil Amsalem (CTO), and Avi Amor (COO), who share experience and passion for social activism, education, and community projects. They have raised a total of $13.5 million to date.