U.S.-based data-security firm Varonis announced it is acquiring Israeli startup Polyrize. The Israeli startup develops a cloud security platform for managing cloud privileges in real-time.

Mapping all cloud service privileges

Polyrize’s technology breaks down all access configurations and unifies them under one chart, in order to better comprehend vertical activity, as well as utilizing the existing data to detect anomalies. The service continuously enforces security measures while relying on user connected services, without prior app or proxy installation. Polyrize can connect to a variety of public cloud services, as well as perform minor adaptations from service to service. This way the company supports organizations that are already using different cloud services, and often adds new services to the organizational layout - a trend that’s expected only to grow in upcoming years.

This marks Varonis’s first company acquisition, with its market value standing at around $3.8 billion. Ployrize, which emerged from stealth mode last year with a $4 million funding round, and according to Pitchbook, has raised a total of $5.5 million. Among the Israeli company’s investors, we find Glilot Capital Partners and Saban Ventures Israel.

Polyrize was founded in 2018 by CEO Nati Hazut and Aviv Gabay. Hazut was part of the founding team of SAM Seamless Network, while Gabay worked there as a security specialist. Neither company reported the acquisition details.

Varonis founder Yaki Faitelson noted regarding the acquisition that “by implementing Polyrize’s skills in our data-security platform, we can expand coverage, and provide a better and broader update regarding the status of different organizational databases. It’s a natural integration.” Other than Varonis’s NYC offices, the company operates an R&D center in Israel that employs hundreds of workers.