Israel’s top digital marketing agency Universal Mccann Digital has tapped the Israeli AI startup ecosystem to partner with Dialogue, an AI-driven eCommerce personalization platform. UM Digital will leverage the Israeli AI startup’s technology to power conversions and revenue for its eCommerce client base.

Dialogue’s platform automates content optimization and personalization for eCommerce stores, providing a solution for a gap in the eCommerce ecosystem, where online retailers tend to neglect the online shopping experience, explained best by Dialogue’s founder and CEO Omri Katz “98% of online users will leave the online store without completing a purchase.”

Boosting virtual conversion rate with AI

The eCommerce sphere has seen significant acceleration due to the ongoing pandemic, and even before COVID reality hit the ground running, online shopping was perceived as a more convenient alternative to going to the mall. However, something that Katz points out, has fallen beneath the cracks of the online shopping experience. “You need to understand that people buy subconsciously,” Katz adds. “They buy with their eyes. They buy based on if you have rich content, if you have videos, if you have media. All of these really impact their probability of turning generic shoppers into customers.”

This is where Dialogue steps in. Once marketing agencies like UM Digital have run effective campaigns that bring leads through the virtual door, Dialogue is a perfect complementary tool to produce better on-site results. The company notes that personalized content wins the day, but online sellers find it challenging to keep on top of content customization demands.

“In the past decade, we've worked diligently to build the most professional total digital solution provider in the Israeli market. We're the only company that combines cross-disciplinary expertise in technology, business, media, and creativity to deliver breakthrough digital wins,” explains Ophir Cohen, UM Digital CEO.  

Founded in 2018, Dialogue’s AI engine help deliver products into every stage of the customer journey, to deliver more value for the visitor and drive them towards purchase. To effectively improve customer journey, Dialogue leverages AI technologies to automatically perpetuate the highest-scoring campaigns and generate new ones based on past success when it sees the need.

Dialogue works effectively on all eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Joomla, and more. This all-around eCommerce prowess has led the startup to partner with dozens of leading brands both in Israel and abroad from a multitude of different industries, such as L'Occitane, Sabon, Kiko-Milano, Gade, Nununu, WallaShops Group, A.L.M Group, and many others, to provide real-time automated engagement that is sure to up your store’s conversion rate.

As we previously mentioned, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the stakes for eCommerce businesses with more consumers flocking to buy online, resulting in more businesses pivoting from brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping offerings. eCommerce businesses can’t afford to neglect the consumer’s in-store experience. Giants like Amazon and eBay have perfected this over the years, but smaller online stores are still finetuning their optimal shopping experience.

“We’re excited about our partnership with UM Digital. It’s a great opportunity to work with Israel’s leading digital agency. We look forward to working together to strengthen the ecosystem for online sellers and helping them grow their revenues.” says Katz.

Dialogue offers a unique tool that can help convert leads into customers,” says Rotem Nir-Tsabar at UM Digital. “We work with some of Israel’s leading brands and we strive to improve their digital performance. We decided to partner up with Dialogue to help our clients facilitate a better in-store experience, higher conversion rate, and overall performance”.