Israel's innovation ecosystem has been among world’s leaders now for some time. The Israeli tech ecosystem has produced major market players alongside companies that have been gobbled up by industry leaders due to their innovative technologies. On many occasions for startups, the long road to market can be quite confusing and saturated with a variety of luck-based practices. However, there’s a reason that Israel is commonly referred to as the Startup Nation, as unlike many other ecosystems, Israeli startups start their go-to-market strategies by thinking global rather than limiting themselves to strictly their local market.

Obviously, when your ecosystem possesses the knowledge, it only makes sense to share and teach others. This is where UniCredit Start Lab, the bank business platform for innovative startups/scaleups, comes in as they have partnered with TrekFounders, the Challengy Innovation Academy, to launch the first-ever UniCredit Bootcamp TLV, virtually bringing to Israel 20 growth-stage Italian-based startups/scaleups in BioTech, CleanTech, and Digital. All participants are  female founders, who will gain insight into Israel’s ecosystem’s global market success with guidance from leading Israeli speakers & mentors:

Liberating entrepreneurs from their local box into a global one

The virtual bootcamp will kick off on November 2nd until November 4th and will cover three days of intense learning of acquiring best practices from leading Israeli talent, providing the 20 Italian female entrepreneurs insight on two key subjects: Going Global and Funding strategies. In addition, the Tel Aviv based bootcamp will provide the Italian scaleups and startups with networking and collaboration opportunities with local talent, in an effort to further expand out of the comfort of the Italian market and into a global one.

The event will culminate on November 5th with the Pitch Event, where the 20 female entrepreneurs will showcase their acquired Going Global tools and present their strategies to an array of international market stakeholders, investors, and the general public.

The pitch event is free and open to the general public, and to those wanting to get a go-to-global-market edge from leading Israeli experts.

Be part of the movement of leveraging Israeli business development expertise to sparking female-founded scaleups and startups to a global market. Register your spot at: