Israeli company Medial EarlySign, which provides AI-driven clinical data solutions for early detection of high-burden diseases, announced that Barts Health, one of the largest National Health Service providers in the UK, has implemented EarlySign's ColonFlag platform to prioritize and care for patients at high risk for developing colon cancer.

The Barts Health group operates five hospitals in East London serving a population of 2.5 million people. Its cancer center at St. Bartholomew's Hospital is the second-largest in London and provides specialist services across the capital and South East England.

EarlySign's machine learning model analyzes existing routine clinical data to predict and prioritize individuals at high risk of developing colon cancer in order to help physicians deliver targeted and proactive interventions for optimal care. ColonFlag is the first EarlySign solution to be deployed by Barts Health, with plans to expand to other high-burden diseases in the near future.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has created a challenging situation in which many patients are still awaiting routine treatments and screenings, including for colon cancer, which is the fourth most common cancer in the UK," said Professor Finbarr Cotter, Lead for Molecular Pathology and Consultant Haemato-Oncologist at Barts Health. "Integrating EarlySign's platform into our workstream has helped us to successfully identify patients who would most benefit from screening and intervention, supporting our goal of delivering timely and personalized care to our patients. We are now exploring opportunities to extend our use of EarlySign's technology to other health areas."

EarlySign's Back2Care platform, launched in June, offers health organizations four service bundles focused on specific clinical domains, prioritization, and readmission using routine EHR data to identify and prioritize patients who will benefit from accelerated attention as the systems emerge from the disruption of COVID-19. These solutions encompass lower GI and colorectal disorders, diabetes and related complications, lung cancer, flu, and COVID-19 complications.

"EarlySign's Back-to-Care initiative is designed to handle the backlog of postponed treatments due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we are excited to support Barts Health in providing personal and timely treatment for people at high risk of developing serious conditions," said Itai Katzir Chief Commercial Officer EU and COO at EarlySign. "Barts Health is one of the world's leading health systems and we are proud to count them among our growing international customer base, joining prestigious organizations across the US and Europe."

EarlySign was founded back in 2013 by President of Commercial Strategy Ori Geva and Ofer Arieli. The company’s headquarters are based in Hod Hasharon, Israel.