It’s Twitter’s turn to take a bite out of Israeli innovation, as the social media giant announces the acquisition of Israeli startup Reshuffle, which develops an integration platform for developers. Twitter have called the move a strategic “acqui-hire”, with the startup’s executives’ extensive experience in building its developer community being the blue bird’s main focus.

Don’t want the product, just the people

As part of the acquisition, Twitter will onboard all 7 employees from the Israeli company, with two of the founders, CEO Avner Braverman and CPO Amir Shevat, also joining the company’s team of developers.

Twitter aims to harness Braverman and Shevat’s extensive experience to help build a developer community to support its new API, with the latter receiving special focus due to his previous executive developer roles and connections at companies like Google, Slack, and Twitch.

Last year Twitter launched its API version 2.0, considered the first significant upgrade added since 2012, and which included numerous additional features for the highly popular social media platform. Now, Twitter wants to try and create a strong developer community to support the new API, which is a good reason the company has decided to open up its checkbook and add the Reshuffle execs.

In the joint announcement, it was mentioned that with the acqui-hire of the Israeli team, the Reshuffle product will no longer be supported. Although, it was also noted that all of the startup’s open-source products will be available even after the acquisition is complete.

In the Twitter blog post introducing the new acquisition, it said that “their (Reshuffle execs) experience in building developer platforms will accelerate and improve our job, by developing relevant tools, which will make it easier for developers to find added value in our program.”

Reshuffle was founded in 2016 by Braverman and Michael Adda, and started out operating in the serverless field as an alternative to Lambda, until pivoting with Shevat joining the founding team. Reshuffle has raised $10 million to date from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Dell’s investment arm.