The Coronavirus outbreak has relocated many employees’ work lives to home. As a lot of the economy has moved to a WFH (work from home) environment, meaning that high-tech employees have had to trade in happy hours, yoga classes, taco Tuesdays, and cozy open-space offices for Zoom meetings, pajamas, and telling the kids to be quiet every half hour. These are not exactly the benefits they had signed up for. Thriver, formerly Platterz, develops a system that is meant to help keep and improve company culture, even from afar.  Today (Thursday), the company announced a $33 million Series B funding round led by Viola Growth, with participation from Union Tech, FJ Lab, Journey, Vertex, and existing investors Aleph and Altair.

All the perks and benefits but on remote

Up until recently, the company rebranded as Thriver, developed a platform for ordering from catering suppliers and restaurants based on each employee’s cravings. Although now, Thriver made the pivot to offer various services to employers, that in reality benefit the employees: A charge card that allows the employee to purchase different services; personal food delivery for home and office; cooking classes, and other fun activities. All these are offered to an organization via a platform, making it easy for HR to manage these expenses, as well as receiving feedback from the employees regarding the use of the services so that they can adjust and improve based on employee choices.

“Maintaining positive company culture in a big organization, is no easy task,” said CEO and co-founder Eran Henig in a conversation with Geektime. “We took it upon ourselves as a mission to find a solution for this challenge by creating experiences that build culture based on the needs and character of the employees. Even in massive organizations that are vastly spread out, occasionally across borders, the platform’s unique technology breaks down barriers and increases the ability to create personalized content for the employees while maintaining a company togetherness feeling.”

Thriver was founded in 2016 by CEO Eran Henig and President Yishay Waxman. The company has 100 employees, with most of them working out of Canada, and a few in Israel. Thriver CPO disclosed with Geektime that the latest funding round will go towards expanding the Israeli-based product team.