UltraSight, an Israeli startup developing AI-powered imaging solutions for ultrasounds, last week secured its Series B round, bringing in $13 million in funding. The investment was led by The Yozma Group, Atain Insurance, and the Weizmann Institute of Science.

No need to be an expert

UltraSight (formerly OnSight Medical) develops a platform that leverages AI technologies to analyze ultrasound readings quicker and more accurately. The company’s user interface provides real-time guidance, assisting the ultrasound technician, including directions on how to hold and handle the ultrasound sensor. According to the company, by following it’s smart, data-backed recommendations, even inexperienced ultrasound operators can receive diagnostic-ready imaging.

UltraSight states that unlike existing ultrasound imaging- performed mostly by skilled cardiac sonographers, a skill that takes years to acquire and requires daily practice to maintain high proficiency - the technology was developed purposely for unskilled professionals to operate easily at point-of-care. With the Israeli solution, every clinic can provide ultrasound readings, with almost instant, and highly accurate results.

Other than the funding round, UltraSight also announced that its system will be sent to space onboard the SpaceX rocket. The same rocket will of course carry the second Israeli in space, Eytan Stibbe, who will utilize the Israeli AI startup’s technologies as part of a planned experiment on board the ISS. If the experiment is successful, the UltraSight technology could be used to operate ultrasound screenings in space, and identify heart and breathing irregularities - reducing yet another piece of technology on which the crew needs to be trained and skilled.