Cloud services like AWS and Azure want you to use them as much as possible and buy expensive machines and services, but startups are a little less interested in financing Jeff Bezos' next rocket or Satya Nadella's next bonus. So, the Israeli startup company Zesty, which develops a service to optimize the cloud infrastructure and improve the lives of the DevOps team, announced today (Tuesday) the completion of a Series B fundraising round of $75 million. The round was led by B Capital and Sapphire Ventures, and the company's previous investors Next47 and S. Capital also participated.

Making DevOps easier and saving you money

The Israeli startup Zesty has developed a platform capable of accessing data coming from cloud and IaaS services in real-time that then monitors the costs and efficiency of cloud environments and performs optimization operations in a completely automatic way – without any intervention from the company's infrastructure engineers. Zesty’s system studies the behaviour of the client's various applications and their changing needs when using the cloud infrastructure. "While the cloud providers know how to provide a disk with static provisioning (that is, choosing the size and IOPS at the time of creation), Zesty Disk knows how to create a dynamic file system on top of the cloud providers' disks that is native to the cloud, allowing the disk to be adapted in real-time to the changing needs of the application," said Maxim Melamedov, Zesty’s CEO and one of its founders in a conversation with us. According to the company, Zesty's system saves companies money with the help of thin-provisioning and reducing duplication (Data Deduplication), and also takes care of improving the performance and increasing the survivability of the application without the downtime and without burdening the various teams in maintenance and monitoring.

In a conversation with Geektime, Melamedov gave an example that the product they developed saved tens of thousands of dollars for Israel’s Singular Labs. "Zesty Disk has already managed to save them more than 35% in storage costs and prevented more than 20 real-time incidents, which, if it weren't for the product, would have required human intervention by Singular’s development teams," Melamedov added. According to him, the analytics company Heap saves more than a million dollars a year in AWS payments. The company, founded in 2019 by Maxim Melamedov and Alexey Baikov (CTO), has raised approximately $116 million to date, and reports that it has doubled its customers from 2021 and 2022, and tripled its revenue in less than a year – when it completed its previous fundraising in November 2021.