Third Point Ventures (TPV), founded in 2000, is the emerging technology investment affiliate of Third Point LLC. Third Point Ventures pursues opportunities in early revenue (expansion stage) private company investments. They offer companies early-stage capital, and hands-on support through the lifecycle of an investment, including scaling go-to-market, growth, and IPO, leveraging the resources of its affiliated hedge fund. The venture team, composed of engineers, leads financings, takes board seats, and supports its portfolio companies throughout their life cycles.

TPV has been making significant investments within the Israeli startup ecosystem for some years now, in known companies like SentinelOne, Verbit, Next Silicon, Trullion, Oryx Vision, Lidar and Forter. As such, they have decided to open an office in Tel Aviv. Moreover, they have recently raised capital in standalone funds to be dedicated toward doubling its efforts in Israel and actively enter investments, typically at Series A or B, in its core areas of focus of cybersecurity, enterprise software, and data infrastructure. With the new and expanded activity in Israel, TPV continues to expand its geographical footprint in the middle east. Leob, CEO and founder of TPV, stated “[TPV’s new permanent presence in Israel] Is a natural extension of the commitment we have had to the country for many years, evidenced by previous early-stage investments made from our hedge fund.  We are excited to invest in the next generation of innovative Israeli companies via our dedicated venture funds, and to have a presence on the ground in Tel Aviv." Schwartz, Managing Partner continued, saying “Israel’s 'startup nation' mindset fueled by its excellent educational system, military service and gritty culture makes it one of the most exciting places for venture capital investing…We are especially excited to support the current generation of entrepreneurs and founders to scale their businesses, develop products and grow internationally."

Women continuing to lead the ecosystem

Credit: Sharon Levine

Heading the new TPV offices in Tel Aviv is Sapir Harosh, who was recently featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30. Harosh started her career in the IDF’s 8200 intelligence unit, and later went on to be a Procurement Manager for the Ministry of Defense. She then continued her tech ambitions as a software engineer for Rafael and CloudShare. Harosh recently made her way to TPV, after serving as a Principle at Pitango, where she oversaw more than 20 investments in early-stage tech startups. She commented, “After several years of investing in the Israeli technology ecosystem, I was drawn to Third Point’s experienced team, proven track record, and ability to help portfolio companies scale globally.  I look forward to helping TPV identify the next wave of Israeli startups and partnering with them through each stage of their growth.”