Eggmented Reality

Eggmented Reality combines novel computing techniques with precision fermentation to produce functional proteins that outperform alternatives. This technology forces food companies to reconsider what products they’d pursue if unbounded by the constraints of yesterday’s ingredients. Eggmented’s approach helps F&B manufacturers meet consumer demands, be it vegan, non-GM, or environmentally friendly, and achieve their ESG commitments without sacrificing performance.

Transitioning from factory farming is essential if we wish to slow the effects of climate change. Understanding this challenge, the food industry seeks to check the green boxes without sacrificing performance. “Our team is motivated by the need to feed a growing population healthy food without destroying the environment in the process,” remarked Chief Egg Officer, Jonathan Rathauser.. The company’s first product is an egg and methyl cellulose-functional replacement demonstrating enhanced performance over alternatives.

Eggmented Reality's team in the lab

The company was established in February 2022 as a collaboration between Fresh-Start, its partners – Tnuva, Tempo, Finistere VC, OurCrowd – and Migal. Eggmented Reality is led by Scientific Co-Founders, Dr. Itamar Yadid, Itai Bloch, Rathauser, and Chief Technology Officer, Helit Rozen.


Maintaining building envelopes in optimal condition remains labour-intensive, incredibly expensive, and risky. Building owners worldwide spend over $50 billion annually on maintaining their structures to be clean and efficient. Verobotics is introducing the first autonomous robot for building exterior upkeep. Their product is a 20-pound independent robotic platform that traverses vertically on the building outlier to clean and inspect the building like an iRobot, but for building envelopes with MRI capabilities. The product uses cutting-edge aero-space engineering materials and methodologies to be light and portable, as well as complex AI and machine-learning algorithms to interact with the building’s envelope and to navigate vertically, all at one-tenth of the price of traditional human cleaning solutions. Verobotics deployed a system on one of Intel Israel's assets which was a significant milestone and have seen significant traction since its development. They already have purchase orders from the US, AU, and Israel for 2023.

Ido Genosar Verobotics CEO & Co-founder: “We’ve kept Verobotics under the radar while developing the technology over the past 18 months. Next year the industry will discover what our product does and witness how it works. It will be hard to ignore as a device that autonomously crawls through a building. Even at the prototype stage, we have started getting orders from key industry players. We are in a unique position working with strategic industry partners from some of the giant real estate conglomerates in the US, Australia, and Israel.”

Verbonics co-founders. Credit: Omer HaCohen

Verobotics was founded in 2021 by Ido Genosar (CEO) and Itay Levitan (CTO). The company has 9 employees and is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. They raised more than $1 million from notable investors such as MIRVAC and TAU Ventures.


As cloud adoption increases, so does the overwhelming volume of data. The lack of visibility across all data stores, lakes, and warehouses is a constant challenge, and today’s organizations struggle to identify or monitor sensitive data that can cause damage if compromised. Sentra automatically detects if sensitive data is vulnerable due to misconfigurations, over-permissions, unauthorized access, data duplication or other security issues; its cloud data security platform is helping organizations discover and remediate the top data security risks in their public cloud.

Sentra’s founding team is led by Asaf Kochan, a former commander in Unit 8200 Alongside him are Yoav Regev (CEO), who was the head of the cyber department in 8200; Ron Reiter (CTO), an experienced entrepreneur; and VP of Product, Yair Cohen. The company came out of stealth in 2022.

“When we created Sentra, we interviewed over 100 security professionals and asked them: ‘do you know where your critical and sensitive data resides?’. They didn’t”, says Sentra’s Co-Founder and President, Asaf Kochan. He added, “You can’t protect what you don’t know about. Our mission now is to help organizations adopt a data-centric approach by understanding their Cloud Data landscape and even as data travels, make sure sensitive data is well secured.”

Credit: Yakir Shukrun

The company was founded in 2021 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and to date, has raised $23 million in seed funding. The company is now co-headquartered in New York City and Tel Aviv. is an Israeli biological solution for mosquito eradication, “fighting mosquitoes with mosquitoes”. The company has developed a subscription-based pest control method that democratizes the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) used to control pests. combines computer vision, deep biology, and automation to sex-sort mosquitoes (and other insects) at the larval stage, which was previously considered impossible. This allows for centralized mass production of sterile male mosquitoes, which are then shipped to the end customers for release. The technology benefits from decades of research that show the efficacy of this technique, with multiple critical patents that solve key problems that have blocked this technology from reaching commercialization previously.

Emphasis on the SIT method has been placed on companies and pest control authorities due to the environmental and health impact that pesticides have on both humans and the environment.’s technology works on a myriad of insects, including household and agricultural pests. The company has started with mosquitoes due to the threat they pose to human life: each year, nearly a million people are killed by mosquitoes due to their ability to spread illnesses such as Malaria and Dengue fever.

The company recently showed a 94% suppression of the mosquito population in its pilot in Kibbutz Tzora, near Jerusalem. was founded by Vic Levitin (CEO), with Dr. Ariel Livne (CTO) and Dr. Elly Ordan (CSO). Following the successful pilot, the company is set for a commercial launch in 2023. Vic mentioned that "In 2023, is set to launch the first-ever commercial SIT program with a major municipality. ״ To date, they have raised $3.5 million from investors like Trust Ventures, SOSV and