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Other than investments, collaboration with an established market player is an excellent opportunity for startups to advance to the next stage, develop a strong network, financial backing, and channels to new customers and markets. SUSE, a global open-source leader, is currently looking to offer startup collaboration, investment, and even M&A opportunities.

From Bosch to the European Space Agency

Recently, SUSE teamed up with Sarona Partners and Geektime for the first cycle of many, aiming to identify startups with innovative solutions that suit SUSE's needs. The collaboration will help find groundbreaking technological advancements that SUSE can leverage to offer their customer network. The open-source giant is searching for ventures to advance core sectors: Linux applications, open-source, security and container management, Cloud DevOps, Edge computing, data storage, and AIML.

Among the applying companies, 5 will be chosen by Sarona and SUSE for further collaboration (potential customers) and M&A. The chosen startups will meet with corporate executives to advance potential partnerships, investments, or acquisitions.

SUSE is the largest open-source company in the world and it orchestrates digital transformation for enterprises by simplifying, modernizing, and accelerating traditional solutions, cloud and edge. SUSE works with leading players from a range of different industries, including: Office Depot, Bosch, NIIT, GESIS, LEiden University, National Foods Limited, NIIT Technologies, European Space Agency, and more.

Please submit applications for this cycle by Thursday, December 31st.

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