Open-source software is key element in creating an adaptable global infrastructure of innovation. In today's fast-paced product development landscape, open-source technologies help developers and product teams pull from a massive pool of ideas to generate their optimal software goal. Even the enterprise that's exploring our universe has decided to adopt open-source software for a future lunar rover mission, noting that if successful, the benefits in innovation and cheaper costs could lead to other space missions utilizing open-source

SUSE, a multinational open-source juggernaut, has been leading the way in Linux-based products for years. More recently, the company also added the first open Kubernetes management platform to its arsenal, through its acquisition of California-based Rancher Labs. This has led SUSE to Israel in search of the next open-source/Kubernetes rock stars. The open-source company will look to partner, invest, and potentially even acquire Israeli startup with relevant disruptive solutions.

SUSE execs in the audience

To unearth the next hidden gems, SUSE taps its Sarona Partners and Geektime collaboration to scout the Israeli ecosystem, via a dedicated DemoDay, for the next rock stars in the field of:  Linux based solutions, open source and open source management, development tools and developer experience, container management and security, cloud DevOps management and automation, edge computing solutions, storage solutions, AIML ease-of-use, platforms and tools.

The SUSE and Sarona team will choose 10 candidates to participate in a virtual DemoDay for top SUSE executives. Sarona Partners will help prepare decks and presentations of participating startups to meet SUSE’s needs. Other than exposure to market leading processes, startups that meet SUSE standards could potentially secure an important partnership, leading to new markets, customers, networks and more; strategic investment, a key accelerator to help scale up; or even a M&A, a major milestone for startups looking to disrupt on a global scale.

SUSE is the largest open-source company in the world and it orchestrates digital transformation for enterprises by simplifying, modernizing, and accelerating traditional solutions, cloud and edge. SUSE works with leading players from a range of different industries, including: Office Depot, Bosch, NIIT, GESIS, LEiden University, National Foods Limited, NIIT Technologies, European Space Agency, and more.

The online DemoDay will take place in July, and registration ends soon. So, if your startup has a relevant solution and is looking to take the next step, maybe SUSE can be your next channel for growth.

Registration ends April 20th, 2021.

For more info apply here.