Pudding.ai’s AI-backed solution offers data-sourced insight for marketing personnel to create better and more educated social media campaigns. The startup recently announced adding more than $500K into the company's pocket following an investment led by Nielsen Innovate Fund.

Instincts should be trusted in life, but less in business

source: Pudding.ai

Formerly known as NowTecc, Puding.ai, wants to replace a marketer’s intuition with data-based insight. “Pudding facilitates marketing directors to better understand what is actually working in their creative efforts (images, videos, texts), which they use to better promote their message via their various social media platforms. Our system offers insight which is communicated in real-time to the creative teams, allowing them to better improve their digital campaigns,” explains co-founder and CEO, Anastasia Logvinenko. At our current stage, analyzed content is mostly social media platform focused - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok - though the company aspires to expand into different realms as well, like mailing lists, streaming, and online advertising.  

Logvinenko continues to explain that during the first stage, the system connects to the customer’s various social media accounts, from there, it collects data about the in-add creatives - images, videos, and the KPI. At the second stage, all new creatives running through the system go through a series of visual computing AI algorithms, text identification, and language analysis. Then the system creates from that a meta-data layout that describes every piece of creative asset identified by the system. Next, during the third stage, once the customer has interacted with the system, the company’s technology runs live analysis on the meta-data layout, offering in-depth insight and reasoning to which content is working versus content that’s failing, and how to improve and better direct marketing resources at the same time.

How does your product stand out among competitors like Creative AI, Bidalgo, and VidMob?

Logvinenko breaks down the difference: “Today there are solutions that specialize in creating or optimizing content. We are unique in that we offer the only product that is capable of analyzing the creatives and connecting to all digital platforms. Our system can provide lateral analysis of each campaign’s creative assets (What’s working? What needs to change?), as well as performing a deep-dive analysis so to better understand each asset’s influence (image, text, or video) on the customer’s goals.”

Pudding.ai was founded in 2017 by two data-analysis experts, Anastasia Logvinenko and Tal Yahav. They intend to use a monthly membership SaaS model for adding to their already profitable efforts. They also are currently running a number of paid pilots with streaming and e-trading companies. Using this and the recent partnership with Nielsen to leverage company success into American media outlets and integrate their technology into their technologies.