B2B marketing gets smart

Leadspace, an Israeli online lead generation startup, announced a $46 million Series D funding round, led by JVP. Alongside the funding announcement, the company is also appointing Alex Yoder as CEO. The positive announcements come after a rough year, including partner JVP suing the former CEO. “We believe that Alex Yoder can take the business to the next level as Leadspace becomes the single source of truth for B2B data," said Erel Margalit, JVP Founder & Executive Chairman and Leadspace’s Chairman of the Board.

New CEO Alex Yoder brings over 20 years of experience as a leader in technology, B2B, and SaaS. He has led growing companies like WebTrends, Ebiquity, and Trueffect.

CEO out, CEO in

The Leadspace platform

The Leadspace platform aims to help primarily B2B focused marketing teams, by creating  a model of the ideal customer. This model is used to track potential leads, utilizing online resources alongside other external and internal sources.

By implementing the Leadspace platform, marketers can predict and prioritize there campaigns, so as to only be visible to leading market players, with whom there is higher potential to close a sale. Recently, the company launched its Audience Management platform, which provides and end-to-end solution for marketing and sales teams in the B2B sphere. This is done by profiling the ideal customer, identifying ideal customers, data-backed decision-making, and enriching existing databases with up-to-date and relevant info of customers.

“AI is hot. CDP is hot. B2B tech is hot,” said new CEO Alex Yoder. “Leadspace brings all three of these elements together in a best-in-class platform that is fueling some of the biggest B2B marketing and sales teams on the planet. I’m extremely excited about working with this innovative team and our excellent customers to expand our B2B CDP category leadership as we get these tools in the hands of more B2B growth teams.”

Leadspace was founded in 2007 by Amnon Mishor and Yaron Karasik, who left the company. To date the company has raised almost $100 million. Leadspace noted that the funds will be redirected towards recruiting for the U.S. and Israel-based teams, expand new product line, and accelerate company growth.

Granulate lands Series B to cut computing costs


Standard operating systems like Windows and Linux were built to provide performance based on specific user demand. They weren’t developed to manage shared resources, or prioritize and optimize the whole process. This is where Israeli startup Granulate enters the game, developing a comprehensive system that improves performance, shortens response time, and significantly reduces cloud costs - without altering clients’ code. Just 10 months since the company last received financing, Granulate completes a $30 million Series B funding round.

"In the wake of today's challenging financial realities, we've seen a staggering increase in demand for our solution, which saves companies money, computing resources, and time. Optimized computing power means optimized business," explains Granulate CEO and co-founder Asaf Ezra.

Dispersing resources at the operating system level

Granulate developed an agent based optimizing system that allocates critical resources, such as memory, CPU, and I/O actions that maximize application advancement, reduce lag time, and increase throughput. By allocating resources based on the data flow of a specific application, Granulate’s system allows to maximize server performance, thus improving response time and exploitation of computing components. As a result, the same actions require less server power,  dramatically reducing computing costs - both local and in the cloud.

Designed to function in any computing infrastructure and environment, implementing Granulate is simple and fast, requiring zero code changes or R&D involvement, and results are seen within days, if not hours.

"Companies with increased computing resource needs have faced a simple trade-off – pay more or get by with less. Granulate lets companies do both: achieve much more with what they already have while paying less, gaining higher efficiency and margins," added Ezra.

Granulate was founded in 2018 by CEO Asaf Ezra and CTO Tal Saiag, who met during their military service, as part of the elite Talpiot program. The Series B investment was led by Red Dot Capital Partners, with participation from existing investors, including: Insight Partners, TLV Partners, Hertz Ventures, and Dawn Capital. The company has raised $45 million to date.