Over the past few years, sports fans have witnessed a major upgrade in viewing experience with the entrance of volumetric video onto their screens. The imaging technology enables viewers a variety of different action angles when watching a game or highlights, reminding many of the viewing experience from video games like FIFA, NBA2K, and others. Israeli startup TetaVI, which scored $4 million in Series A funding back in March from REDDS Capital and existing investors, announced a $2 million extension to the round, bringing the total Series A to $6 million. Back in March, TetaVi CEO revealed to Geektime that the company had been in contact with a number of international investors to raise an additional $4 million.

“The new investment round will enable TetaVi to further capitalize on our Machine Learning and AI data in order to perfect our end to end volumetric video production chain, which already includes a portable 4 camera studio and algorithm processing,” said Gilad Talmon, TetaVi CEO.

Choose your favorite viewing angle for maximum game action

TetaVi developed a comprehensive imaging system, that can capture and live stream in high-quality volumetric video. The company’s tech is capable of creating characters, record video, and even produce moving holograms on live TV. The magic behind its high-quality streaming comes from a mobile system that doesn’t require a studio or green screen, but rather uses between 4-8 depth cameras added with a little AI power and Machine-Learning algorithms to produce a whole different viewing experience.

The technology enables the viewer to change angles, similar to a video game, and can be integrated into sports broadcasting, apps, mobile games, and of course into the world of VR/AR/XR.

TetaVi was founded in 2016 by Chairman and serial entrepreneur Dr. Miky Tamir, who also founded Orad, SportVu and Pixellot, and Micha Birnbaum, who brings over 20 years experience in image processing algorithms. The company employs 23 people split between the Tel Aviv R&D center and offices in NYC, LA, and Tokyo.

In a conversation with Geektime, Gilad Talmon explained that the current extension to the round was made possible due to the company hitting its technological and business goals, and “from investors understanding how COVID has impacted public viewing habits, and created new market trends, which perfectly coincide with TetaVi’s growth strategy and tech solution.”

Talmon continues to explain that unlike existing volumetric video solutions, TetaVi’s system can be installed into any studio or room; it captures and converts wide angle shots that can include up to 5 people at once. In addition, Talmon notes that the product can be integrated as well into leading graphic engines like Unity and Unreal.