EntrepreneurshipJun 13, 2017
An attendee, center left, speaks with an attendant, center right, as he tries out SoftBank Group Corp.'s Pepper the humanoid robot using a Google Inc. Cardboard virtual reality headset at a media briefing in Tokyo, Japan, on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images Israel

Why machines will never fully replace humans

Still, there are companies developing applications that blend the best of machines and human effort in novel ways

RoboticsMar 13, 2017

Reflecting on AI’s biggest challenges for society in 2017

Students of artificial intelligence are getting recruited like star athletes, but could a rush to get new technology on the field cause ethical lapses?

FinTechFeb 08, 2017
Chorus.ai's Tel Aviv team. Photo credit: Chorus.ai

The sales call was very successful: Chorus.ai raises $16 million more

The Israeli startup has developed an AI-based system for sales talks that provides managers with quick insights into sales calls and sales team performances

RoboticsJan 23, 2017

No, Google Translate did not invent its own language called ‘interlingua’

The system's 'neural network' is advanced, but its abilities are being exaggerated by observers

RoboticsJan 14, 2017
Conversica generates automatic emails using AI and NLP (screenshot)

Conversica’s automated email generator is so natural-sounding it’s getting recruitment offers

Conversica is extending its system — which analyzes language use, tone, and intent simultaneously — to other customer services and new industries

ScienceDec 28, 2016
MARCH 03: Brown Long-eared Bat (Plecotus auritus), Vespertilionidae. Photo credit: DeAgostini/Getty Images Israel

Is Google Translate for bats on the way?

Holy machine learning, Batman

HealthDec 24, 2016
Microsoft Director of Strategic Investments, Limor Lahiani, speaks at Geektime's Techfest in November 2016. Photo credit: Geektime

Microsoft’s innovation czar: we’re moving from ‘information age’ to ‘intelligence age’

Microsoft's director of strategic engagements shows off company's work applying NLP to genetics and other issues impacting humanity

FinTechDec 14, 2016
Photo credit: One, Inc.

Sacramento-based One, Inc. secures $20 million Series B for insurance tech

Chatbots have been key to streamlining the company's services

NewsDec 13, 2016
Image Credit: Apptopia

Boston-based Apptopia raises $2.7 million round

Apptopia used to be a small marketplace for apps, now its an analytics powerhouse

ScienceNov 22, 2016
Notman House is a local ICT mecca in Montreal. Photo Credit: Maison Notman House / Facebook

Google goes north to Montreal’s artificial intelligence scene

Montreal, like other Canadian hubs, hopes to attract ever more US workers and investors

DevelopmentNov 15, 2016
Logz.io combines AI and the ELK stack (screenshot)

Israeli AI analytics startup Logz.io reels in $16 million from OpenView and 83North

Logz.io combines machine learning with the ELK stack for its analytics platform. Among other things, they can analyze political sentiment on social media

ScienceNov 13, 2016
Image Credit: Wikipedia

Oxford lab debuts improved lid-reading software

Even bigger datasets and more natural language are needed to go further now

ScienceNov 02, 2016
Celebrity impesonators. Credit: Carnegie Mellon

Science team shows how to trick facial scanners with glossy frames

Give them the new razzle-dazzle