One of the major challenges brought on by COVID-19 is the move to remote learning and training formats. Following this, Israeli startup Strigo, which provides a management and training platform to empower active and new customers, announced an $8 million Series A. The investment was led by Velvet Sea Ventures, along with existing investors Greycroft and Hanaco Ventures, which has been there since the Seed investment.

Remote personalized training

Strigo's Customer Training Cloud drives growth and retention by empowering customers throughout their relationship with the product knowledge and skills they need to maximize customer success. Customer training has become a critical business driver and software companies are making significant investments to scale and improve the quality of their training. With many software companies working remotely for the foreseeable future, Strigo has become an essential tool to drive customer success.

The company’s platform provides an array of customized eLearning tools that target interactive and efficient training experience. Strigo has created a one-stop-shop for software companies to better introduce existing or new features to customers. Furthermore, the platform is utilized to train customers and improve their expertise on a specific product, while also providing paying customers with a training experience that lets them test-drive the software before they “take it home.”

Today, efforts to effectively train customers often fall short as companies must patch together a number of tools that are not intended for customer training in order to deliver instruction. This results in poor training experiences and limits the ability to reach more customers. In addition, they lack data and insights to measure the effectiveness of their programs. These challenges have become more acute since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus which has eliminated the opportunity for in-person training.

"We are excited to lead the software industry toward our vision around the Strigo Customer Training Cloud. Our platform enables companies to deliver and scale impactful customer training to thousands of customers each month. We are especially proud of our ability to help companies quickly pivot to remote training since the outbreak of COVID-19," said Nevo Peretz, CEO of Strigo.

Strigo was founded in 2017 by Amit Cohen, Ben Shoval, CEO Nevo Peretz, and CTO Daniel Wolf. The first two both previously founded Fewbytes. The company has 14 employees working out of offices in Tel Aviv, and has raised a total of $12.5 million to-date.

Fewbytes provided tech development and consulting services, which often required training customers on new systems. Throughout their work, they struggled to provide training for their international based clients, due to a lack of remote learning tools for complicated training. This is what sparked the initial idea, and where Wolf and Peretz joined on. Companies including Elastic, Mirantis, NCR, VMWare, Sage, and Zenika have adopted Strigo's unified platform to deliver remote instructor-led, on-demand and third-party training.