The Luzzatto Group, an expert in intellectual property and patents, will become a venture partner in the SIBF VC fund, which manages a portfolio comprised of Israeli tech and startup companies. This endeavor comes in addition to the Group’s ongoing strategic and professional collaborations.

Along with the collab, SIBF sets out to raise a $200M fund

As part of the collaboration, The Luzzatto Group will provide SIBF with intellectual property consultation, both for the fund and its portfolio companies. This includes, among other due diligence, the establishment of technological feasibility testing for companies in which the fund is looking to invest. Furthermore, The Luzzatto Group will provide the portfolio companies with a full range of due diligence, from general potential assessment to providing patent protecting legal advice.

SIBF co-founder Eli Ben Simon, responded regarding the collaboration, saying that “like other investors in the fund, The Luzzatto Group has also recognized the financial potential of our investments, and there’s no doubt that its expertise in tech innovation has heavily influenced their decision.”

Tamar Luzzatto, Head of Business Development, Marketing, and Innovation at Luzzatto Group, explained that “we are convinced that the combination of knowledge and experience will create a business focused synergy when investing in promising Israeli startups, most of them in the technology sector. We, as capital and strategic investors, have doubled down on the fund’s success.”

According to Luzzatto, the professional collab with SIBF is based on the The Luzzatto Group’s extensive tech experience, market insight, and recognizing global trends that are relevant to the fund. She also noted that the group is also collaborating with other entities from the Israeli ecosystem, including accelerators, high-tech communities, and funds, alongside investing in promising technological initiatives that stems from deep tech analysis and rich past experience.

SIBF, or Southern Israel Bridging Fund, manages a multi-million dollar portfolio, and has recently begun fundraising for an expected $200 million fund. The VC fund is headed by Or Ben Shushan, Eli Ben Simon, Aviv Cohen, and Dr. Boaz Or-Shraga, with former Mossad head honcho Tamir Pardo also advising the fund. The fund targets companies that are after their second or third funding rounds, aiming to for quick ROI (exit within 24 months) at low risk. The Luzzatto Group includes Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Law, Luzzatto law firm, and other ventures that focus on business development and technology commercialization.