The Israeli-American startup company Semperis announced yesterday (Tuesday) the completion of a $200 million Series C round of funding, led by the KKR Private Equity Fund. Existing investors also participated in the round - including Insight Partners who led Semperis’ 2020 funding and Ten Eleven Ventures.

Protecting your Active Directory

Various attacks on organizations are not only a headache but can lead to complete shutdown -a paralysis if you will- of organizations, especially when their Active Directory system was the target; let’s recall the NotPetya Active Directory attack in 2017, whose damages were estimated at tens of billions of dollars.

Semperis' system can continuously monitor the Active Directory infrastructure of an organization, identify security vulnerabilities, intercept cyber-attacks in progress, and respond quickly to hacking and operational errors. In addition, the system can detect extreme changes in system access permissions, assist in recovery in the event of an Active Directory debacle (and prevent a repeated occurrence after recovery of information), thus reducing an organization's recovery time in the event of an attack. According to the company's data, its products protect some 40,000,000 identities from cyber-attacks.

Semperis was founded in 2013 by Mickey Bresman, the company's CEO, Guy Teverovsky, the company's CTO, and Matan Liberman, VP of Business Development and director of the company's branch in Israel; since its foundation, the company has raised $254 million. The company announced that the capital raised would be used to further develop its product, alongside trying to acquire more customers. Along with the funding announcement, Bresman said that "with Semperis' multi-layered identity protection, organizations can fend off cyberattacks without having to choose between two bad options: pay criminals or quit."