As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted across the U.S., sports games and entertainment shows are almost fully back in action. But there are still many loyal fans who want to go support their favourite sports teams but are worried about the dense queues for food and drinks. SEATSERVE startup can help.

SEATSERVE, a company founded by Israel’s Shay Dadush, provides a SaaS solution for venues, stadiums, and arenas. The platform enables in-seat delivery and express pickup of food and drinks for fans, as well as marketing options for venues operators or teams.

At the beginning of Covid-19, SEATSERVE's portfolio included the U.S. Golf Association, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Zenit Saint Petersburg, and Tokyo National Stadium. These and many other venues halted their activity due to the pandemic restrictions. However, there were still other venues interested in using SEATSERVE, such as New Tokyo National Stadium and the Euroleague’s Final Four in Germany.

Once the United Kingdom announced a plan for a safe return of fans to stadiums in October 2020, with social distancing, masks mandate, limited capacity, and no concession lines, SEATSERVE got its break; in-seat delivery went from being a premium service to an essential one. Since SEATSERVE is the only company in the world with real experience running live events where 100% of the concessions are done through mobile ordering and in-seat delivery, in 2021 they witnessed an explosive x12 growth in revenues generated via their platform.

2021 was still challenging for the live venue industry. While fans were only allowed in certain locations, notices about opening and closing stadiums to fans were constantly changing. In addition, there was an ongoing labour crisis where venues could not find enough staff to run all the concessions, so they ran it in a limited capacity. SEATSERVES thus proved to be an invaluable product both for covid and post-covid eras. Undoubtedly, it is about time to make beer and hotdogs more easy-to-get for fans in stadiums.

"[During COVID] the only way to order food and drinks at the venues was by using SEATSERVE. It felt like our moment. We served every single fan with timely delivery! One year of Covid fast forward our industry in 20 years!" - Shay Dadush, SEATSERVE co-founder