These days, enterprises looking to tap into new markets and expand their product offering, both determining a company’s performance, must develop and enhance their digital footprint. Once the move to the digital sphere has been made, enterprises quickly learn that data, and how it's used, becomes the key to further developing product offering and global expansion.

Cloud that's flexible, but secure

Cloud technologies have been at the forefront of the era of data, allowing companies to store, analyze, and use data to generate better business. Among the world leaders in data storage and management stands Seagate Technology PLC, which recently launched its advanced Lyve Cloud storage-as-a-service product. The company reports that its S3-compatible storage cloud offers enterprises a key to unlock value from their massive unstructured datasets.

“According to Seagate’s Rethink Data report, as much as 68% of data available to enterprises goes unused. By providing a reliable and cost-efficient cloud storage solution at the metro edge, closer to where their data is generated, Lyve Cloud lets enterprises store and activate their data at scale, securely and efficiently," said Ravi Naik, Executive Vice President, Storage Services, and CIO at Seagate.

Lyve Cloud offers privacy, no lock-in, and no egress fees, allowing customers to retain full control of their data while lowering TCO for storing massive datasets. Lyve Cloud’s ISO27001 and SOC2 certifications meet the data security needs of enterprise customers and provide always-on encryption for data in motion and at rest. Lyve Cloud is currently offered across multiple locations in the U.S., with global expansion planned for the near future.

Seagate will collaborate with digital infrastructure giant, Equinix, to make Lyve Cloud available and more accessible around the globe, in addition, to offering extensive opportunities for extra cloud services. By locating Lyve Cloud infrastructure in close proximity to Equinix Metal within Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers, customers can consume the scale and efficiency of object storage as a service at the metro edge, while leveraging Equinix Fabric to interconnect sources of data to a variety of edge and cloud-based applications for hybrid and multicloud architectures. According to Seagate, placing Lyve Cloud infrastructure in metro edge colocation data centers also enables reduced latency because data is stored and processed closer to where it is generated.

“Enterprises are increasingly recognizing the need to store more of their business-critical data for longer periods of time, not only for business continuity, but also to harness its potential for analytics and deep learning,” said Wenceslao Lada, vice president, technical alliances, Commvault. “With Commvault’s seamless integration and full compatibility with Seagate Lyve Cloud, end-users now have a compelling new option for cloud storage that enables worry-free, longer term data retention with predictable cost economics and simple recovery capabilities.”