The 365x Scale-Up Accelerator program, which is backed by Sarona Partners Group, opens two new courses in Israel and the U.S., as it continues to promote Israel’s tech ecosystem’s graduation from the “Startup Nation” to the “Scale-Up Nation”.

The 365x program helps startups - with an initial client base - scale business operations into global markets. Founded in 2018 by Sarona Partners, the program has helped over 100 startups scale activity, counting two portfolio acquisitions, and numerous partnerships under its belt already. Furthermore, the Scale-Up program aims to leverage its global network of multinational partners - Microsoft, Salesforce, P&G, Walmart, Prodware, Tech-Data, Sompo, MAX and UST - to provide startups with exponential growth, recruiting new customers, embarking on activities in new geographical regions, and raising funding from major investors.

365x reports that the two new batches, 365x Israel #7 and NYC #4, have opened registration for mature, growth-stage startups with paying customers, or at least a paid pilot. Startups operating with B2B, B2B2x models, and in the software or IoT sectors look to apply, as the 365x looks to scale-up solutions in a variety of fields, including: Retail and eCommerce, Fintech, Industry 4.0. Cyber Security, Enterprise Software, Digital Health, Remote Communications, HR-Tech, and Marketing and Sales Tech.

According to the 365x Scale-Up program: "First customers are only the beginning, the scale-up stage is the genuine challenge for startup companies and the main indicator of whether they will succeed in growing at a rapid pace and approach unicorn dimensions, or tread water and then close down."  

Startups for 365x IL (Israel, Europe, and Asia) and 365x NYC (U.S.) programs will be chosen together with the program’s previously mentioned impressive list of major market partners, who provide an integral part to the 365x’s 4-month Scale-Up program. However, participating startups will gain access to an additional 2 months, where 365x will help them implement a business plan. At the end of which, 365x reports that graduates usually progress towards large Seed or Series A funding, landing anywhere from $2-15 million per round led by investors from Israel, Europe, and the U.S.

"Even after the six months of the entire program, we do not part ways with the startups who took part in the program," said Toot Shani, 365x CEO and a Partner at Sarona Partners. "Our connection will continue throughout the period in which the startup needs us. Our aim is to create a community for the Israeli entrepreneurs, which will promote them each time with an additional step towards scale-up and success on the global market."