Israeli startup Samson Logic, which develops smart management solutions for construction materials, announced an over $400,000 funding round led by Israel Innovation Authority. In addition, the investment also included participation from Zemach Hammerman Ltd., Sivan Bitzua Ltd., and U.S. construction materials logistics software company Applied Systems Associates (ASA).

The Israeli startup provides a comprehensive system that manages construction material logistics from production to on-site storage. Samson developed smart containers with IoT sensors to ensure the safe transport of raw building materials, as well as the software system that fully manages the ‘birth-to-use’ process of the building materials. By keeping an active inventory of materials on a given site, the software empowers somewhat traditional ‘old school’ construction sites with a new more modern solution. This is an easily implemented solution that aims to bring increased on-site safety, prevent accidents, cut costs, and create efficient order of the sometimes chaotic and logistically challenged work sites.

The software sends manufacturers precise instructions for packing the products so that they arrive set in according to the work stages, the lifting capacity of the crane, and in accordance with transportation regulations. The packages themselves are adapted for transportation, lifting with a crane and mounting as a stack similar to a Lego constructor. The IoT sensors at the back of each package allow tracking of the materials at each stage of its lifecycle, by collecting vital information and creating real-time safety alerts. All the information is collected, analyzed, and managed by raw material inventory management software.

The system is designed to save on the costs of a construction project and promote the safety and efficiency of the construction industry. The technology is already being implemented in a pilot project on a construction site of Israel’s largest construction and civil engineering company Solel Boneh. Moreover, another partnering company in the pilot and the process of promoting Samson’s technology is major Israeli real-estate group Tidhar.

R to L: CEO Shai Prupes and CTO Danny Vainer credit: Tal Raviv

Samson Logic was founded in 2019 by Shai Prupes, who currently serves as CEO, CTO Danny Vainer, Chairman of the Board Prof. Yechiel Rosenfeld, and  Zvika David, Logistics Consultant.