Israeli startup, a Tel Aviv-based developer of a remote podcasting studio platform, emerged from stealth mode with a $2.5 million Seed funding round. The investment was led by Oren Zeev, founder of Zeev Ventures, who also invested in Israeli startup Tipalti. One of the startups most notable beneficiaries from the remote studio solution is former First Lady, President candidate, and podcaster Hillary Clinton, who expressed her surprise when COVID made things complicated: "Just imagine, we needed a recording platform that could help us make a podcast during a pandemic, and, boy, did they step up."

High quality content, independent of internet connection’s technology enables podcasters a remote studio-like experience with high-quality audio and 4K video solutions, all done remotely and even free of internet connection. The company aims to provide flawless interview recording quality for the podcasting community, liberating the trending entertainment channel from the necessity of a professional studio, at professional studio costs, or from setting up a usually expensive and complex home-based arrangement.

"In the last decade, podcasting has gone from a niche hobby to a billion-dollar industry, and the pandemic is pushing this growth to new heights," said Nadav Keyson, CEO and co-founder, "People at home are hungrier than ever for content, and creators and enterprises are rushing to deliver."

According to the company, just some of the advantages that users get to enjoy other than the internet independent 4k video and studio-like audio solutions include seamless integration on any browser with no software needed, lightning fast uploads that can run in the background while recording, automated logging backup of all recordings.

"Video has been increasing in the demand for podcasting since we began working remotely, yet there isn't a solution that can produce high-quality content independent of a strong internet connection," Gideon Keyson, co-founder, "Many have turned to Zoom as a quick fix, but professional podcasters need a lot more than just basic audio and video capabilities to produce compelling content. That's where comes in." was founded by CEO Nadav Keyson and his brother CTO Gideon Keyson. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, and other than Clinton already supports globally recognized companies and celebrities in the podcasting world, such as BBC, Bloomberg, Spotify, Marvel, Verizon Media. Riverside is looking to leverage this success to expand, and will use the newly acquired capital to expand and recruit more talent to their team.

"Nadav and Gideon have created a product that is poised to revolutionize the way podcasters and media companies record video interviews," said Oren Zeev, Founding Partner, Zeev Ventures. "The fact that, in under a year, they have created an entirely new paradigm for recording lossless audio and video, and landed customers like Hillary Clinton, Verizon Media and Spotify, is nothing short of impressive. I am thrilled to be an early investor and look forward to their explosive growth in the coming years."