RGo Robotics exits stealth mode with $20M in funding

RGo Robotics, which has created an artificial perception technology that enables mobile robots to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously, today (Monday) exited stealth mode. They also secured $20 million in funding led by MoreTech Ventures, with participation from Converge and StageOne.

The use of robotics continues to grow exponentially across industries so there is a tremendous growth potential for mobile robotics. However, most mobile robots today are still blind and unable to navigate intelligently in dynamic and complex environments, as it is hard for machine and robot manufacturers to develop basic visual perception on their own. That is what RGo Robotics is looking to change.

Disrupting the mobile robotics industry

RGo Robotics develops disruptive AI-powered technology for autonomous mobile robots, for greater, more “human-like” perception. They leveraged advanced AI and vision technologies for their Perception Engine, available now, which gives the mobile robots the ability to understand complex surroundings and operate autonomously; such understanding allows them to move safely and intelligently through any environment. The solution includes hardware and software components. The software runs on ultra-low-cost, low-power hardware that is provided as a reference design, so partners can integrate the Perception Engine into their robots easily. Moreover, the software is provided as an SDK which can provide all the real-time data on the edge. The applications for the Perception Engine are nearly endless, from AGV/AMRs in logistics and manufacturing to last-mile delivery and service robots, agriculture, and consumer applications; now, manufacturers will be able to offer more intelligent mobile robots and accelerate time-to-market without having to focus their R&D teams on this extremely complex technology area.

Sharing a vision for automated robotics

After extensive field trials in challenging indoor and outdoor environments, RGo has secured several customers and has closed over $10 million in customer deals. They have also seen early traction with global market leaders across multiple verticals. Customers and partners alike want to see a world with unfettered, focused robotics to curb real-world problems. With the capital raised, RGo Robotics will continue the rapid expansion of both its R&D and commercial teams.

RGo Robotics was founded in 2018 by Amir Bousani (CEO), Nizan Horesh (CTO), and Assaf Agmon (VP R&D). Their current funding stands at $20 million from both seed and Series A rounds, with 45 employees in Israel and Cambridge, Massachusetts.