Today (Monday), Israeli cyber startup ReSec, which develops a non-anti-virus malware penetration solution for enterprises, announced that it has secured a $4 million Series A funding round. The investment was led by QBN Capital, with participation from Disruptive Ventures, Talanx, and Pico Venture Partners.

Every file is a threat

The bulk of enterprise-targeted malware attacks originate from contact with inbound files, whether through email, an employee’s hard drive, or through a variety of other channels. This results in organizations usually deploying different threat hunting scans, however, this only slows down operations and ends up being highly ineffective. ReSec, on the other hand, deploys quite a different approach.

Instead of scanning the files and possibly missing one that’s not on the threat detection program list, ReSec operates out of the assumption that every file is infected. This assumption leads to ReSec’s system creating a digital twin of the file by copying it, tearing it down and building it back up again in a secure manner. This process is known as Constant Disarm Reconstruction, or CDR for short, and its purpose is to ensure that every inbound file coming into an organization’s network is totally safe and threat free. ReSec claims that its platform doesn’t slow down operations, and most employees won’t even realize that it’s there.

In a conversation with Geektime, ReSec Chairman and CEO Tal Yatsiv explains about the company’s progress since its previous 2019 funding round: “We’ve added a few new features, like cloud file security, game-changing CDR capabilities that provide protection with minimum impact on the end user, and new collaborations, such as the connection with Menlo Security from earlier this year.”

According to CTO and co-founder Oren Shnitzer, during COVID reality cyber attacks increased with ransom attacks emerging as the star threat. Of course, for ReSec this spelled good news: “The combination of this growing trend with the need for enterprises to better adapt to the work-from-home landscape has significantly increased queries regarding our solution. More specifically, we are seeing a swell in enterprise email attacks, inter-enterprise file transfers, and file uploads to the organizational network through foreign digital portals.”

The company already operates in a number of different markets around the globe, including the U.S., Far East, and Israel, naming among its clientele companies like Deloitte, Microsoft BizSpark, and others. ReSec was founded by CTO Oren Shnitzer and Dotan Bar Noy, and employs a team of 10 split between offices in Tel Aviv and Caesarea.