The future is coming, and it’s coming fast and through a tube. We’ve been hearing about the hyperloop revolution for a few years now, ever since real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk made the innovative idea a pop culture reference back in 2012. Though, many thought this was maybe just a futuristic pipedream awaiting the right technology to come around.

Well, it seems as if the right technology is around. It's actually another billionaire's company, Virgin, that beat the rest, and has made the hyperloop dream a reality. The hyperloop aims to change transportation, as it’s able to reach speeds and mobility efficiency levels that trains and other vehicles could only dream of, with the kicker being that traffic jams become a distant memory. In addition to other key advantages such as a potentially more eco-friendly solution, as well as a method to cut down global shipping wait time and logistics.

When talking game-changing innovation, then obviously Israeli tech is somewhere in the mix. This brings us to Israeli wireless broadband veteran Radwin, which recently announced a collaboration with U.S.-based Virgin Hyperloop,  a leading enterprise in hyperloop development. The collaboration centered around the implementation of Radwin’s advanced wireless communications solutions for high-speed pods.

Nir Hayzler, VP and Head of RADWIN's Strategic Industries Business said "RADWIN started testing with Virgin Hyperloop about two years ago in their test and safety area in the north of Las Vegas, USA. Using our market-proven train-to-ground solution we demonstrated high throughput, low latency, and robust performance for Virgin Hyperloop pods vital information connectivity. Virgin Hyperloop offers a unique, world-changing mode of public transportation, and we are proud to be part of this."

The future of transportation credit: Virgin

Radwin has implemented  its FiberinMotion wireless mobility solution in the hyperloop project, which has been used to transmit mission-critical information from the ultra-high-speed pods throughout hundreds of tests at their full-scale test site.

Elizabeth Dawn Armstrong, Vice President, IT, of Virgin Hyperloop said "We are building the 5th mode of transportation that will impact travel patterns, economies, and transportation as we know it.  Every component that we incorporate into our system needs to be the very best, including the radio communications system. We evaluated and tested multiple radio systems for throughput and robustness in extreme conditions and selected RADWIN's FiberinMotion to use throughout our testing rigs and facilities. RADWIN has shown their willingness to adapt their product for the uniqueness of our application and have proven their agility as a trusted partner."