Quantum computers will revolutionize a broad range of industries. That is why so many countries are investing in domestic quantum capabilities, and Israel is one of them. And they are doing so with the help of Quantum Machines. Quantum Machines provides breakthrough quantum control solutions that accelerate the development and implementation of quantum computers and in doing so are progressing the path towards the new age of quantum computing. They will work alongside top Israeli and international companies at the forefront of quantum computing globally. The center, which is part of the Israel National Quantum Initiative (INQI) that was launched in 2018, will host Israel’s first fully functioning quantum computer that is available to the commercial and research communities. The INQI has put 1.8 billion NIS into developing Israel’s first quantum computer, and though it doesn't compare to what China ($10 billion) and the United States ($1.2 billion) are investing in their quantum initiatives, it will still be enough for Israel to develop domestic quantum capabilities as a mean of national strategic interest.

Quantum computing made easy

Quantum Machines’ platform takes an open architecture and component-based approach that will enable the use of a variety of qubit technologies while also allowing for parts of the system to be upgraded to future quantum technologies. This will ensure future compatibility with quantum technologies. Their strategy also allows for the increase in the number of qubits from tens at the start, to hundreds and eventually thousands which means that the quantum computer at the Center will remain at the cutting edge as quantum technology continues to advance. The quantum computer will also feature integration with High-Performance Computing (HPC) and an innovation testbed for fostering the development of novel quantum technologies. Essentially, Quantum Machines Quantum Orchestration Platform (QOP) fundamentally redefines the control and operations architecture of quantum processors, and as the full-stack hardware and software platform, it can run even the most complex algorithms right out of the box, including quantum error correction, and multi-qubit calibration. As their platform is helping achieve the full potential of any quantum processor, they are the perfect fit for the job.

In a conversation with Geektime, Itamar Sivan, co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines stated that “Our goal is to give Israeli companies access to the most advanced quantum technologies and services so that they can develop deep quantum expertise across industry and academia. This expertise will allow Israeli companies across a broad range of sectors and industries to gain a leading global position.”

Sivan went on to explain how this initiative can change how Israeli industry progresses: “A wide range of sectors will benefit from access to future quantum technologies, including mobility and transportation, chemical materials, finance and more. In the near term, the goal is to advance quantum research, science, and technology, ensuring that Israel’s academia and industry are positioned to capitalize on quantum technology. Of course, like any industry, there are risks– investing in quantum technology at this stage has the potential for allocating considerable resources to “betting” on the wrong technology — some quantum technologies will turn out to be more promising than others and some may be suited to specific purposes. But the benefits of Israel being at the forefront of quantum technology are practically endless. It’s widely accepted that quantum computing will transform countless industries in the coming years. One example of a practical use will be dramatically cutting down the time to develop new chemical compounds or life-saving drugs.”

Quantum Machines was founded in 2018 by Sivan, Yonatan Cohen (CTO), and Nissim Ofek (VP Research and Development). They employ roughly 100 people with its headquarters in Tel Aviv. To date, they have raised $75 million in funding.