Today (Tuesday), Quali, an Israeli company that develops automation technologies for computing, communications, and cloud infrastructure, closed its Series D with a total of $54 million in funding. The investment was led by Greenfield Partners and Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). Venture funds Kreos Capital and Hamilton Lane also participated in the round.

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Quali has developed a platform called CloudShell, a comprehensive platform that optimizes cloud infrastructure and automates cloud access and security management, assisting organizations with integration of complex communication networks and IT infrastructure. The platform simplifies access to cloud infrastructure, by automating various organizational processes. From DevOps to sales through cyber demonstrations and software tutorials, CloudShell provides development teams with independent access to the cloud, opening a treasure chest of different cloud-based opportunities.

“Development teams are burdened by the time and complexity of setting up and operating cloud infrastructure. Quali empowers developers to develop, testers to test, planners to plan, and ops to operate by offering safe and productive access to hybrid cloud infrastructure”, said Quali CEO, Lior Koriat

Quali noted that while traditional Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) players have focused on catering to a relatively small set of experts, Quali’s technology simplifies the user experience, effectively making cloud infrastructure, and its complexity, invisible to the application teams who need it.

Many cyber and software companies have enjoyed the transition to WFH, and Quali admits the same. In a conversation with Geektime, CEO Lior Koriat explains that recent events have accelerated digital transformation plans in all markets, resulting in significant increase in demand for software and cloud access: “The need to launch products both quickly and with high quality defines practices like DevOps, however, accompanying technologies and the cloud’s own complexity have led to bottle necks in development, especially in large enterprises. This resulted in increasing demand for automation solutions this past year - exactly the problems Quali aims to solve.”

Quali was founded in 2007, and currently employs a team of 130 workers, who are spread out between offices in the U.S. and Israel. The company intends on utilizing the newly invested funds in expanding its customer base, enable new partnerships, strengthen its market leadership position, accelerate CloudShell innovation, and grow the Quali team. To date, the company has raised $114 million.