Luckily for us, cameras and other security accessories have already been updated for the 21st century, and these days they are connected and can be accessed and controlled remotely. But ironically, the very same connected security cameras that are used for protective purposes may actually become a tool hackers use to gain entry into your organization. So, it turns out such security accessories that are supposed to protect us need protection themselves. That is exactly what SecuriThings is trying to do.

Activate, protect, and manage everything remotely

SecuriThings developed a platform for managing security devices, so that operation teams can make sure that they are working properly, and that all the devices are well protected and meet all regulatory standards. According to the company, through their system, it is possible to reduce the amount of manual work and physical visits to the various sites of organizations, since almost everything can be operated and done remotely.

In a conversation with Geektime, SecuriThings CEO Roy Dagan says that in recent years the need for solutions like the company's has grown significantly, from technology companies to universities, hospitals, manufacturers, airports and more. "This happened due to the continued increase in the amount and variety of physical security devices and the enormous difficulty of managing them in the current configuration…Organizations have hundreds to thousands of physical security devices, deployed throughout the organization with different versions and models, and it is a very complex problem to manage all of them. This means that trivial things in the IT world, such as monitoring device availability, vulnerabilities, updating passwords and fault analysis, are difficult or impossible in these areas.” Dagan explains that their system actually creates a type of automation for managing physical security devices and is installed remotely: "It is able to monitor the devices in real-time, detect malfunctions or attacks, send alerts to different teams, and then also perform automation such as updating versions, changing passwords, and a wide range of other capabilities."

Credit: David Garb

And they now have another $21 million in their pocket

Today (Thursday) SecuriThings announced the completion of a $21 million Series B fundraising round led by USVP Venture Partners, with participation from Swisscom Ventures, Firstime VC, Aleph, and Cresson Management. So far, the company has raised $39 million. SecuriThings was founded in 2015 by Roy Dagan (CEO) and Raanan Lidji (CTO) and currently employs 70 people, 55 of them in Israel and the rest in the United States and Canada.