ProDrops, a developer of a unique collection and trading card game for the gaming and eSports worlds, today announced a $5 million seed investment from Playtika.

The global gaming industry is growing tremendously, but it is still far from reaching its full potential, or so says Omer Ziv, CEO of ProDrops. He claims that the market is eager for products that will enrich the traditional gaming environment, strengthen, and deepen the ecosystem and enable a more holistic experience. That is what he and his team at ProDrops plan to do.

Building the leading digital collectibles product for the eSports world

ProDrops is a first-of-its-kind collection and trading card game for the gaming and eSports industries. Sitting squarely in the eSports space, they aim to enrich the world of gaming for all; they do so by allowing gamers to connect with their idols off social media, off-stream, and in-game, while creating additional revenue streams for gaming content creators, and the eSports industry as a whole. ProDrops is able to provide its community and fan base with a better, more rewarding gameplay experience, and harness the trend of collectibles to engage with its fans on a deeper level.

In a conversation with Geektime, Ziv explained to us what made him want to develop ProDrops. As someone who always loved fantasy and stories, from the Lord of the Rings series to Harry Potter and so on, the thing he loves most about gaming is that it allows you to enter different worlds and experience those fantasy stories firsthand, even if it is just for a moment. Like most gaming founders, gaming started as a hobby and luckily turned itself into a career. Ziv said, “I was always into gaming ever since I was a kid, but as I grew older, I started taking interest in eSports, and after visiting my first gaming competition as a spectator, I just knew that this was something I want to do for a living; I knew I wanted to create those experiences that I’ve gone through - for other fans like myself.

He went on to explain how the gaming industry is forever changing, and he and ProDrops are simply trying to keep up: “Every generation for the past 60 years or so had their collectibles. It was only natural that gamers would want their own. The products that already existed in this space have got it all wrong by copying from the traditional sports industry and putting the focus on the financial aspect of collecting instead of the experience itself. We’re changing that.”

He continued by reiterating that their approach to collectibles will give gamers a more holistic experience and give gamers a chance to connect to their idols through gaming. From the influencer’s side, ProDrops is giving them a chance to monetize their brand off the live streaming platforms and off social media and giving their sponsors an in-game presence without the need to partner with game studios.

The investment, which is part of the company’s first round of funding, will allow the team to accelerate the development of its Rocket League card collecting add-on, which is supported by Israeli gaming plugins platform company, Overwolf, and will officially launch in 2023. The funding will also allow ProDrops to develop additional games and triple its workforce by recruiting highly skilled technologists and developers.

ProDrops was founded in 2021 by CEO Omer Ziv and CTO Ido Perach.