PrettyDamnQuick, a provider of checkout-to-delivery management platforms for eCommerce businesses, today announced that the company has closed a $ 6 million seed investment round. This round was led by TLV Partners and included participation from Ground Up Ventures, Verissimo Ventures, and other Israeli eCommerce brands like Orian, SoHo Home Goods, and Fox Family.

In recent years, consumer buying practices have changed. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated that even further, as we now see a clear preference, across all generations, for online shopping. With the changing consumer practices, eCommerce merchants have struggled to get deliveries out on time and therefore fall short of meeting customer expectations. Customers, on the other hand, are increasingly expecting next-day and same-day delivery as default options. Though bigger enterprises may be able to accomplish this, and therefore have set the bar high, small businesses struggle to maintain market share and live up to this expectation. The market for eCommerce logistics solutions is underserved and lacks the tools essential to keep pace with the technological advancements of the past two years.

Helping small businesses

While the number of merchants has surged, nearly doubling over the past two years, PrettyDamnQuick strives to give the little guy a fighting chance; they want to help small businesses to better compete with the bigger enterprises by offering a checkout-to-delivery management platform. It optimizes and streamlines everything from checkout to delivery in one simple, integrated workflow. eCommerce merchants can now master the entire order process, tackle exceptions, and grow their business with better delivery and logistics. The platform connects to Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, and gives clear order arrival times based on location, cart size, customer loyalty and more; it supports all delivery methods, services, and carriers, including 3PLs, in-store pickup and last-mile delivery. So far, PrettyDamnQuick’s initial customers report an increase in customer retention by 69% and a reduction in operational costs by 70%.

With the capital from its seed investment PrettyDamnQuick, plans to expand its growth in the United States; they will begin serving the nearly two million online stores through the established Shopify App Store ecosystem. The company plans to base its global presence in New York City.

“PrettyDamnQuick represents a new generation of eCommerce technology vendors focused on empowering small, micro and nano businesses to compete with their much larger competitors,” stated Yonatan Mandelbaum, Principal at TLV Partners.

PrettyDamnQuick was founded in 2020 by Avi Moskowitz (CEO), Liran Erez (Chief Product Officer) and Shlomo Schwarcz (Vice President R&D). It is available in a pre-launch phase for free to qualifying merchants and will be released publicly on the Shopify App Store later this year.