I bet everyone has that dream of dusting off that musical instrument, they bought years ago only to have it sit in storage, and finally get some lessons, especially as COVID has us vegetating at home anyways. Israeli company Tonara, the makers of the popular music practice app Tonara Studio, announced the launch of Tonara Connect, a music education marketplace that connects music teachers and students worldwide on a digital platform.

Technology around music education often looks to cut teachers out of the picture, while Tonara puts teachers right at the center. Tonara's app, Tonara Studio, launched in 2018, helps thousands of teachers stay connected and engaged with their students while motivating practice in between lessons.

"The future of music education is being driven by innovation, connectivity, and empowerment. We strive to deliver on all three in the products, content, and global communities that we build." - Cara Katzew, VP Marketing of Tonara.

While Tonara Studio helps teachers manage and motivate their students, the newly released Tonara Connect, allows music teachers to grow their studios by removing geographical limitations and making it easy for students from around the world to find them. This becomes especially prudent as many millions around the globe face quarantine or lock-down restrictions due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, and find themselves with nothing to do.

On Connect, music teachers are able to create rich, professional profiles, showing potential students who they are, and how they can help them achieve their goals. Music students entering the marketplace can then find the teachers that match their music learning needs, and initiate lessons.

The marketplace currently boasts over 800 teachers and is growing every day, connecting people worldwide through music education on a digital platform.

"We have the potential to do something truly big here. Not just in scale, but in impact. We've all witnessed the power of music education, how it unites, and how it heals. This is something that everyone in the world should have access to and Tonara is here to reshape the future of music education and make that possible".  - Tonara CEO, Ohad Golan.

The company was founded in 2008 by Yair Lavi and Evgeni Begelfor. To date, Tonara has raised almost $10 million as of last Series C funding round.