Israeli startup, which develops technologies for optimizing customer service, announced a $1 million funding round from U.S. VC firm GoAhead Ventures. The investment also saw participation from Fusion LA, a venture-backed accelerator program for Israeli startups in the U.S., as well as Angel investors.

Upgrading customer service channels with AI developed a platform that aims to optimize customer support by utilizing AI technologies. Plant’s technology learns and analyzes how an organization communicates with its customers, whether it be through phone, email, chat, or other. Through the different channels, the system identifies problematic patterns and provides insight on how to automate the process, thus decreasing the communication breakdown. Once the system identifies the bottlenecks and the most common issues from customer communication, it generates problem-solving insight that helps alleviate the stress load from representatives and improves customer satisfaction.

In a conversation with Geektime, Plantt CEO Dan Leshem explains that the system is based on existing communication between an organization and its customers, and analyzes it whether it’s a popular product like Zendesk, Intercom, etc., or an i-house developed system.

“Our system identifies the most common issues and ‘speech patterns’ that need optimization, then provides guidance on how and where to their deploy automated systems for more efficient service,” explains Leshem. Additionally, Leshem tells that Plantt customers can create AI-based “digital assistants”, which are trained through previous customer interactions and calls, in an effort to help solve customer complaints through the various communication channels that an organization maintains with its customers.

Plantt notes that the product is not some kind of generic chatbot that operates according to certain highly demanding rules, creating yet another tool that needs continuous maintenance and resources. However, Leshem expands on Plantt’s main role, saying that “organizations these days need a communicative product that manages customer communication in an ‘open’ way, being able to adapt to customer needs, and specific request.” Leshem continues to explain that “chatbots came with great hype, but in the end couldn’t live up to their expectations, and currently don’t provide customers with a viable, sustaining solution.”

What’s the difference between your product and products launched by market leaders like ZenDesk or Salesforce?

“The marketplace is full of companies that offer partial solutions. Big names like Ada Support, ZenDesk, and even Intercom, all focus on a different aspect of the process - some of them help create communication with customers, some offer automation tools to unify all communication channels onto one platform. Unlike other market solutions, Plantt’s system doesn’t require a whole development team, creating dialogue trees and complicated algorithms in order to operate - rather just access to a CRM and a push of a button.”

According to Leshem, the company has three main focuses: mapping and identifying common problematic questions. “This is how, we assist companies in figuring out where to deploy automation that will increase customer satisfaction.” After mapping, Plantt produces the customer with optimal communication, while also setting the company’s tone, which is aimed at better providing the incalling customer with answers to their questions. “Plantt is a product that is continuously learning, to better adapt itself to the always changing customer questions.” Leshem sums up by saying that the company’s product is easily iplemented into the customer’s network and is ready to go in minutes.

Plantt was founded in 2019 by CEO Dan Leshem and CTO Itamar Eizik, who both met while working for OrCam. The company employs 10 people in the Tel Aviv R&D center. Plantt intends to focus the funds towards expanding product technology and support capabilities in CRM platforms.