Israeli startup Pixellot, which was founded in 2012 by CTO Gal Oz and Chairman Dr. Miky Tamir, announced a partnership with the Spanish soccer club through the Barcelona Innovation Hub (BIHUB) to create a laboratory of soccer innovation. Pixellot which provides live streaming of sporting events and leverages its video analysis capabilities to offer soccer clubs more insight to player movement and development during training and games.

The company uses AI-powered algorithms to track all movement on the pitch, becoming a sort of virtual assistant coach that analyzes performance and offers tactical coaches better insight to what’s actually happening on the field. By using different and unique angles, the startup is able to provide a panoramic view of the game that other standard video-streaming companies just can’t.

Besides the innovative and significant tactical insight that the platform provides, it also functions as a leading streamer of sporting events that need almost no human interference and include built-in graphics, ads, live stats, and even live remote commentary capabilities all on one platform.

The Israeli SportsTech startup has been working vigorously with FC Barcelona for the past 3 years the club’s training grounds. Now, with the newly announced partnership, Pixellot will move a team to Barcelona to work closely with the coaches and analysts to offer better insight into player and tactical development. As well, FC Barcelona will take advantage of the startup’s streaming capabilities and integrate it into the soccer club’s TV channel. FC Barcelona notices the immense potential of such a partnership with eyes towards the future as the Barcelona-based Pixellot team will continue to develop streaming and soccer analysis technologies that could also be sold to other clubs down the road. All this is part of FC Barcelona’s aim to turn its innovation hub and the city into the “Silicon Valley” of SportsTech innovation.

Pixellot CEO Alon Werber excitingly explained “...Our extended association with the Club and the Barça Innovation Hub shows how interested elite sports are in improving on-field and on-court performance by using leading technologies.” Pixellot has been on a roll of late, not only has the startup partnered with one of the biggest sports clubs in the world but just recently announced a $16 million Series C funding round led by Shamrock Capital.