With over 1500 employees worldwide, Israeli company Payoneer is no small fish when it comes to success stories from Israel's innovative ecosystem. That's why when Calcalist reported that founder and President of the FinTech company is stepping down, we pondered where could his entrepreneurial fire take him now?

Yuval Tal will be taking his talents to the Israeli 'Justice League' of prominent minds, by joining the FinTech arm of cyber-security think tank and startup foundry Team8, as reported by Calcalist. This seems like the obvious, if not perfect fit for the serial entrepreneur, who prior to Payoneer, founded Borderfree in 1999, which provided currency conversion automation services. Tal will step down from his position at Payoneer, although will remain on the company's advisory board.

Payoneer is one of the more successful startups to come out of Israel in recent decades, with a leading clientele list that includes market giants such as Google, Amazon, Fiverr, and more. Founded in 2005, the FinTech company provides both businesses and freelancers with an easy-to-use online payment platform, that accepts various types of transactions, from credit cards to electronic wallets.

Furthermore, other than Tal, Team8 has recruited another Israeli tech mastermind with Ronen Assia, eToro founder and CPO, also joining the think tanks. However, unlike Tal, Assia is expected to continue at his current position for now, according to Globes.