Palo Alto continues its romance with Israeli startups and on Thursday (Nov. 18) it announced that it has acquired the startup Cider Security – which specializes in Application Security. The deal was first published in Calcalist.

Two years + an exit

The platform developed by Cider allows security teams to get a complete picture of all the technologies, systems, and processes that exist in the organization's development environment from the code-building phase to production. The company emphasizes that the uniqueness of its product stems from the fact that organizations of all sizes can use it in just a few minutes - without slowing down the development processes. In a conversation with Geektime, Guy Flechter, CEO and co-founder of Cider, previously explained to us that their system allows information security teams to use all the tools in a way that, on the one hand, best suits the unique technical characteristics of the organizations, and on the other hand, creates as little tension as possible between the data security teams and development and implementation of those tools.

Cider Security was founded in 2020 by Guy Flechter, former Director of Data Security at AppsFlyer, and Daniel Krivelevich. The company currently employs about 60 people in its offices, and among its clients, you can find Rapyd, Riskified, AppsFlyer, Guesty, Lemonade and about 40 others. According to Palo Alto's announcement, the acquisition will consist of $195 million in cash and another stock component valued at $100 million. To date, the company has raised $38 million, and among its investors, who are now seeing a handsome return, are Tiger Global and Glilot,

This is not the first cyber company that Palo Alto has acquired in recent years. It was preceded by, among others, Twistlock and PureSec, Bridgecrew, and Demisto. In recent weeks, reports have been published that Palo Alto will acquire the Israeli startup Apiiro, but apparently, the deal fell through, which paved the way for the latest acquisition.