Orca Security, the cloud security innovation leader, announced yesterday the acquisition of RapidSec, an Israeli cyber security start-up focusing on protecting web applications from client-side attacks. This is Orca’s first acquisition.

Killer whale, killer protection

Orca Security provides instant-on security and compliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, without gaps in coverage, alert fatigue, and operational costs of agents or sidecars. They allow clients to simplify their security and compliance operations with a single SaaS platform for cloud security posture management, compliance management, and workload and data protection. Their software reads cloud configuration and workloads’ runtime block storage out-of-band, detecting vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, lateral movement risk, weak and leaked passwords, and unsecured PII. Since no code runs within clients’ cloud environment, there are no overlooked assets, no DevOps headaches, and no performance hits on live environments. They prioritize risks based on the severity of the underlying security issue, its accessibility, and business impact, thus denying threat actors any foothold into clients’ public cloud estate. By prioritizing threats, they eliminate thousands of meaningless security alerts which allow their clients to focus on what matters most.

RapidSec, on the other hand, offers self-service protection for web applications at speed and quality that has not yet existed in the market to date. They can protect thousands of web applications and have always left their customers satisfied. With the acquisition, they can continue to work toward their mission, with Orca by its side. Founded in 2020 by Shai Alon, Ori Koral, and Ido Yablonka, they have raised half a million dollars so far, and look forward to continued growth and expansion with the acquisition. All seven employees of RapidSec will join Orca’s team and form a nucleus for a new development group within the company.

Avi Shua, CEO and co-founder of Orca, stated, "We congratulate the entrepreneurs and RapidSec employees on joining Orca. Orca’s vision has been and remains - a cloud security solution that works for the customer, enabling organizations to grow in the cloud safely. The acquisition will allow us to further expand our platform and maintain our place as market leaders. We looked at many companies, but when we met RapidSec's team of entrepreneurs - it was clear to us almost immediately that we were going for it. RapidSec's product and technology allow its customers to integrate advanced and browser-based client-side protection - including CSP protocol - with self-service and full automation that scans the network application continuously and adapts itself to any change.”