Oracle Week, Israel’s largest educational event for the IT and High-Tech communities, took place for the 26th time. The event focused on cloud environment innovation emphasizing autonomous procedures. Drawing in thousands of participants from various software professions: developers, programmers, team leaders, data management and storage directors, and more.  

The convention is the result of a long-lasting partnership between Oracle Israel and John Bryce Training. The event took place on November 17-21 at the Daniel Hotel in Herzliya, hosting hundreds of lectures and dozens of seminars on a variety of subjects that challenge management and industry experts in Oracle’s IT and High-Tech environment.

Hundreds of lectures & dozens of seminars

The convention hosted hundreds of lectures and dozens of professional seminars by the industry’s top experts. The lectures covered the various new challenges and ‘hot’ technologies, the trends, and the most up-to-date architectures. The wide array of seminars targeted everyone in the High-Tech industry. The seminars also included Hands-On-Labs that allowed participants to “touch the tech”.

Most of the seminars were divided into categories by different routes, which focused on automation’s various forms:

The Code Route was for developers, and it was linked to various open-source languages, full-stack development, the transition to microservices, and native cloud.

The Data Route was for Data analysts, scientists, and database administrators. The route dealt with Data and its diverse and many connections.

The DevOps Route focused on platform automation, as well as delving into best practices in the most common technologies, tools, and solutions.

The Cloud Route was relevant to those considering, or already adopting a cloud platform. The seminars offered industry detail on the different methodologies, architectures, and available solutions. Including all that Oracle offers in the cloud industry.

The Director Route discussed technologies and their relevance in decision making, as well as on its long-term strategic effect. The route also included seminars on soft-skills for management.

In the Code, DevOps and Cloud routes, participants were treated to after-hour activities. Visitors could get a first impression of Oracle’s automated database, a concept that is considered the company’s most important revolution.

Professions of the future revealed

Oracle and John Bryce defined the convention as an opportunity for people in the software industry to maximize their abilities and their experience as Oracle technology users. This year’s event was under the slogan: Engine of Innovation. Meaning, anyone could be the engine of innovation for their company, if they know to control the tech of the future. And according to Larry Ellison, CTO, and Executive Chairman at Oracle, the future is automation.

The event emphasized the topic of “Future Professions” and included a deep look into the world during the age of automation, among other things through the view of the next generation of employees. As part of the convention, visitors received a taste of the professions of the future, that will ignite the “Rise of the Machine” as both an opportunity and adventure, best prepared for, to make sure it’s a positive experience.