In Israel, many startups that developed excellent technology are growing and have enormous potential to succeed overseas. But due to the distance from the senior analyst firms, most of them in the U.S., these startups are not exposed to the influence that analysts companies abroad have, simply because they aren't always able to get connected with them.

Oracle's startup program is trying to change that; during its first-ever competition for Israel, six startups will be chosen to be given the opportunity to make these connections with industry analysts from abroad during a fun and engaging event. The event, which is a result of huge collaboration between the company's global Analyst Relations (AR) department, will take place on May 17, 2022, online and registration is free.

Your three most important minutes

The “Oracle Startup Idol” event is intended for industry analysts from abroad and for the Israeli and international media, and it will present the most up-to-date technological innovations of promising startups. Out of all those that apply, six startups will attend the event, and each founder will have three minutes to impress the panel of analysts and then answer questions. The founders will present their vision for the future by describing a global problem and how their unique technology solves it. Analysts will judge startups by three categories: most innovative, most creative, and best overall.

Startup companies that are in the early stages up until having done a Series A financing round can participate in the registration process. The registration process includes registration on the company’s landing page, a zoom meeting with the communication team of the global program to get to know the startup and the problem it solves, and a pitch presentation. Registration will close on February 28, 2022.

Oracle's global startup program, Oracle for Startups, helps startups develop faster with the help of Oracle cloud technology, industry relationships and various business support. The global program, which also operates in Israel, enables the startups to build partnerships with the global Oracle company and its customers. Program participants will enjoy free credits in Oracle’s cloud, a 70% discount for two years, hands-on technical support, expert mentoring, and exposure to new audiences through marketing and event channels.

The event was initiated after the launch of the first local cloud region in Israel last October. Oracle is currently the only global provider with an Israeli data center and has already announced that it will soon open another public cloud region in Israel.

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Feature image: the latest technological innovations of promising startups. Credit: Dreamstime