As many parents, and people in general know, the bathroom is the last bastion of freedom, and those 20 minutes in the morning can be a real life saver, literally.

Israeli startup Olive Diagnostics, a digital healthcare and diagnostic solutions provider, emerges from stealth with a different stream (you’ll get why that’s a funny pun in a sec) of telehealth solutions. The company’s developed K2 product is able to provide remote diagnostics by detecting urine's molecular composition, generating secure, personalized diagnostic data, directly linked via mobile app. As the company says “pee pays off”.

This urine focused diagnostics tool easily connects to the toilet bowl, providing remote medical care with an everyday activity, as people on average relieve themselves between 5-7 times a day. Being that it’s usually the first thing people do in the morning and the last thing they do before they go to sleep, the at-home urine test is unencumbered by daily disturbances. This further allows people the ability to monitor their own health, identify potential problems that require a change in diet or lifestyle, and in serious cases opt to seek professional medical help.

"The science behind K2 is astounding; instant molecular detection, with a moving urine stream. It's cloud-based, to constantly expand its list of detectable health alerts, user benefits and investment value," said Guy Goldman, Olive's CEO, Cofounder. "We're excited for the next growth phase… active production and, ultimately, into households and clinics worldwide!"

Traditional cup-paper-dipstick 'solutions' are uncomfortable, unsanitary, inaccurate and slow.  K2's HIPPA-GDPR-compliant data produces accurate diagnostics for immediate conditions and long term trends before users can even flush. In addition to preforming a data-driven medical screening, the device also provides (mostly for guys) a target to finally keep even those last drops inside the bowl rather than everywhere else.

K2 combines spectroscopy with powerful AI-based analytics, detecting many health inhibitors and life-threatening agents; red blood cells, protein (common in pregnancy preeclampsia), electrolytes (disbalance), Ketone, Glucose, Creatinine and bacteria (UTI's); alerting users to pre-symptomatic issues, sometimes weeks in advance.

"Urine is central to medicinal, health monitoring. Current solutions are cumbersome, limiting tracking analysis or medical history," said Dr. Joseph Rosenblum, medical director, Maccabi Entrepreneurship. "People want convenient, at-home healthcare solutions, passive diagnostic tools, disease prevention, early detection, and accurate intervention, especially with rising healthcare costs and COVID."

Jerusalem based Olive Diagnostics was founded in 2019 by CEO Guy Goldman and Corey Katz. Goldman is a serial entrepreneur in the field of data analytics and previously founded OptimizeIT, which he sold to NASDAQ company Better Online Solutions.

The company has a working prototype and has already secured almost $2 million in Seed funding from Cleveland Clinic, Amgen, Israeli Innovation Authority, eHealth Ventures and private European-American investors, as Olive is preparing to attract investors to its Series A round.