Nucleai, an AI-powered spatial biology company today announced that it had closed a $33 million Series B financing round, co-led by Section 32 and Sanofi Ventures. Existing investors, including Debiopharm, Fosun RZ Capital, Vertex Ventures, and Grove Ventures, also participated in this round. Andy Harrison, Managing Partner at Section 32, and Cris De Luca, Global Head, Digital Investments at Sanofi Ventures, will join Nucleai’s Board of Directors while Section 32 Managing Partner Michael Pellini, MD, will join Nucleai’s Board as an observer.

Transforming current approaches to pathology

Nucleai's mission is to transform drug development and clinical treatment decisions by unlocking the power of pathology data combined with artificial intelligence and spatial biology. What it does? Nucleai’s software uses computer vision and machine learning algorithms to predict the progress of cancerous tumours as well as the patient’s immune system response to determine the most efficient course of treatment. How does it work? Nucleai's platform maps biological microenvironments with spatial mapping technology and does so at a scalable and operational level. This enables the next generation of actionable insights from massive pathology data sets that have not been analyzed to their fullest potential and can therefore provide significant value to pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic labs. Nuclei’s platform is an exciting new tool paving the way for innovative new therapies and diagnostics. As Cris De Luca, Global Head, Digital Investments at Sanofi Ventures, who will join Nucleai’s Board of Directors stated, "By harnessing artificial intelligence with spatial data and other data modalities [image analysis and biomarker discovery technology), Nucleai is enabling researchers and clinicians to make better treatment decisions for patients based on a comprehensive, holistic view of cellular locations, interactions, and the tumour microenvironment.” Nucleai delivers a comprehensive solution that brings the computational power and scales needed to discover novel biomarkers, predicts patient response with higher-quality predictive biomarkers, identifies new targets, and develops the next generation of pathology-based companion diagnostics.

Nucleai is working with most of the leading pharmaceutical companies to harness spatial biology for new drug development, clinical trials, and clinical treatment decisions, which has led to rapid growth and achievements for the company. Now, with the new funding, they will further develop their platform and expand their commercial footprint across biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations who are applying its technology throughout translational research, clinical trials, and novel applications for drug discovery.

Nucleai was founded in 2017 by Avi Veidman (CEO), Eliron Amir (COO), Albert Achtenberg (CTO) and Lotan Chorev VP R&D. To date, the company has raised $50 million.