The massive stride made in the healthcare industry, alongside incredible technological advancement and healthy living awareness, has extended our lifespan, while also improving quality of life for many. However, as we age, our dependency on caregivers becomes crucial - a market turning half a trillion dollars a year in the U.S. alone, and expected to increase by 50% by 2027. An Israeli startup has harnessed advance AI technologies to aid citizens in their senior years.

Trained on over 5 million interaction points

Israeli startup developed a platform based on audio analysis, aiming to improve caregiver retention and patient insight. The platform helps caregivers and nursing homes remote care technologies. In a conversation with Geektime, CEO Romi Gubes notes that the company’s product interfaces with existing on-site hardware: smartphones, tablets, wearables, panic buttons, and more. “We don’t configurate anything on the end-user’s device, they are simply used for communicating data to the cloud - where we process the data,” explains Gubes.

The platform monitors patients 24/7, scanning for audio triggers that alert to signs of distress - immediately notifying the caregiver. In at-home caregiving cases, if the system detects audio triggers of destress after the caregiver’s shift is over, then family members will be alerted instead.

Gubes mentioned that unlike camera-based monitoring solutions, sensi’s agentless platform does not require surveys or pop-in visits, but rather provides a remote comprehensive solution for all hours of the day - no blind spots. “Sensi’s audio-data analysis models were trained only on incoming data from nursing homes. This is how our technology differentiates itself from standard audio analysis technologies.

According to Gubes, caregiving environments give off different audio characteristics than normal ones, leading us to develop a unique dataset that can produce highly accurate audio analysis capabilities. “Sensi’s models were trained on over 5 million patient-caregiver interaction points, and is the first focused audio analysis solution for these environments.”

THe team credit:

Welcome to the funding game was founded in 2018 by Romi Gubes and CTO Nevo Elmalem, and recently completed a $3.5 million Seed round from Flint Capital. The company’s client list includes a few major players in the U.S., and Gubes told us that Sensi is working on developing partnerships with tech companies with a goal implementing the platform directly into various senior care relevant industries. Sensi is deployed a SaaS company, charging a monthly membership based on clock-in time of the platform. The company has 14 employees in offices in Tel Aviv and California.