Israeli startup Cybellum, which developed a cyber threat risk analysis platform, announces a strategic partnership with the Renault-Nissan-Mistubishi Innovation Lab Tel Aviv in an effort to provide the vehicle manufacturers with innovative risk management solutions for the automotive industry.

The Alliance Innovation Lab set up shop in Tel Aviv as a way to have a direct line into the startup nation’s innovation artery. The Alliance focuses on four main technologies to develop the mobility of the future: electrification, connected vehicles and devices, autonomous driving, and new mobility devices. “At the Lab, we are looking into fresh, novel approaches to the most fundamental problems in our industry, among which cybersecurity”, says Etienne Barbier, Director at the Innovation Lab.

Barbier continues to add “Managing software security is no longer an optional activity for car manufacturers but a mandatory transformation to a future with fully automated, self-assessed, self-healing software. The Cybellum team built the technology foundation necessary to make this future a reality.” The cooperation between the two entities stems from a successful POC (proof of concept) and will offer the Alliance continuous comprehensive visibility to their cyber-security landscape with risk analysis insight and recommendations for remediation.

While currently most risk assessment is done in a manual time-consuming process that oftentimes can’t produce a detailed risk assessment of a vehicle’s complex system, the collaboration will attempt to leverage the existing Cybellum technologies with the potential innovations to come out of the partnership to provide full-scale technology for risk analysis in in-vehicle ECUs and software. The cooperation rolls out just as the UN has detailed regulations on software and cyber-security updates set to come out in 2021 as they prepare for the mass launch of the connected vehicle future which is at the doorstep.

“We are happy to collaborate with the Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv. Their expertise of current and future vehicle architectures together with the importance of security as a significant part of it creates a shared vision of how the automotive software lifecycle should evolve to meet the new market realities. This will help us drive our business forward, and with it, improve the safety of car drivers worldwide.” explains Cybellum CEO, Slava Bronfman, who co-founded the company in 2016 along with CTO Michael Engstler.